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Can Animojis be used on any iPhone or Android smartphone?

Apple's Animoji feature, along with the Memoji update added on iOS 12, is only available on the iPhone X series, that is, on the iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models.

The front cameras of these phones are capable of creating an Animoji recording, although other devices can also play and share them.

However, if you are really interested, you should know that there are animated emoji recordings on different iPhones and even on smartphones other than iOS. These will not be officially Animoji, but depending on how close the imitation is, they can become very similar.

Keep in mind that according to our experience, if you do not use an iPhone X or later, you will not have the sophisticated set of Apple face tracking sensors, so these Animoji will not be as accurate when copying the movements of your face.


MrrMrr was quite surprised at the beginning because when it was launched in the app market, despite not being official, it had the most famous Apple Animoji: the panda, the poop, the cat, etc. MrrMrr was not only approved to appear on the App Store but was also selected as an application last day.

However, this seems to have changed since today MrrMrr has a much more limited selection of emoji filters. It has faces of lions, koalas, etc. and, like the official Animoji, it has a section for messages.

The app is Free on the App Store and est available for Android.


MSQRD does not attempt to copy Animoji directly and its style does not seem so cartoon. However, it offers similar effects.

Choose the Catalog option and then select Animals. You will find a panda, a tiger, a jaguar, an orangutn

You can download MSQRD for Android Free by clicking on the link.

Zmoji: personal avatars creator

This option is something different. Instead of using facial tracking, you can create your own emoji, much like Apple's Memoji (or Samsung's AR Emoji), which will be animated by default.

These custom animations can be accessed through the message app drawer.