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Bully for Android arrives from the creators of GTA and Red Dead Redemption

One of the best video game developers of today, RockStar, brings us Bully for Android, a different proposal that puts us in the shoes of a troubled teenager.

The creator of such outstanding products as Red Dead Redemption has already made the leap to Android phones a while ago with games like GTA or Max Payne.

The new game that we can enjoy in mobility is Bully: Anniversary Edition, in which we will put ourselves in the shoes of a teenager who will play his own at Bullworth School.

Bully for Android phones comes from the creators of GTA and Red Dead Redemption

This game is an improved version of Bully Scholarship Edition, a game originally from the PlayStation 2 and has seen remastering on other consoles such as the XBOX 360.

More extensive than the original

The idea of ??this game is similar to the Grand Thief Auto in that we have a fairly open world in which we can move forward as we wish.

There we will have to face teachers, classmates who try to hit us or try to conquer that girl we like.

More extensive than the original

The personality of our protagonist is not, however, that of a kind quinceanera, although we help others, it will always be for his own interest.

Also in multiplayer

We can play with our friends in the Challenges section, with fast games in arcade mode in which speed is key.

We can open a frog in the canal, compete to see who is able to solve problems in less time or throw acorns with a friendly squirrel. Something surreal.

Also in multiplayer

Adapted Controls

One of the improvements of this game, necessary, is the new control mode adapted to touch screens that will show us the buttons when we need them, varying a lot since it is not the same to fight, than to control a skateboard or do experiments in class of sciences

We can even use a physical bluetooth controller if we have one since the game is compatible.

Price somewhat higher than average

Price somewhat higher than average

As in other Rockstar Games proposals the price of Bully: Anniversary Edition is somewhat higher than what we usually see in the Google Play Store, 6.99 euros, but it compensates with a proposal not seen on Android and a fairly high duration.