Battery Case for iPhone before the end of the year

Battery Case for iPhone before the end of the year

If we appreciate something about our smartphones in this life, it is that the battery can last so long to achieve a successful day of work, games or school without the need to have to make a load on the road. As most of us know, one of the companies that suffers the most from this section is Apple and its iPhone that, despite their price, still have a fairly unsatisfactory battery autonomy.

Anyway, as it has done in past years and with information collected from 9to5Mac we know that they found a quite peculiar icon in the WatchOS beta that shows the iPhone when it is connected to its Battery Case, as well as an image that shows a comparison between the past model and the one that will be the new one and for what can be seen in the image, we will be talking about a greater capacity of load for this case due to the space it occupies from below the sensors to the bottom of the equipment.

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About the release date it is being speculated that it may be in the same month nor that they were going to take advantage of the season at a price we still don't know, but we'll keep you up to date.

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Bad autonomy by the way?

A few weeks ago we talked about the obsolence programmed here on the page and I can't stop thinking personally that Apple is executing this as a strategy to sell. And come on, Apple's Battery Case or rather your products in general It is not distinguished by being something cheap precisely. I would like to know what you think about this theory and of course, do not forget that theories and leaks must be believed in half.

I await your comments below, we are reading.