Basket Dunk 3D

Basket Dunk 3D is a casual in which to make the best mates

A couple of days ago we were showing the virtues of the new casual of Ketchapp Games, and now it's up to another new one called Basket Dunk 3D. This time it was the world of basketball and those moments of play in which we must know how to dribble the opponent to throw ourselves directly into the basket.

A gameplay that is a little more complex than this company has accustomed us, but that does not mean that it is a casual in which each game can last even 30 seconds. Here we are going to have to try to shoot in the most explosive way through mates a basket.

The best mate possible

Basket Dunk 3D

Basket Dunk 3D is a new casual in which we can handle our player across the court and in which when we approach the basket it will be launched automatically to try to make a great mate. When we are in the “air”, an indicator will appear that we have to press at the right time to get more score.

It depends on the color in which we press it, our player will be able to make a great mate. But not only is this the gameplay of Basket Dunk 3D, but we also have to avoid the obstacles on the way to the basket. Apart from all kinds of physical elements, there will also be a series of opposing players who will come to us to pounce and throw us.

That is, forget about faults like in a game, if they collide with you, to the ground that you will go finishing the game at that moment. And so we are facing everything that is Basket Dunk 3D, a new Ketchapp game in which the typical freemium has not been forgotten either.

Freemium and Ketchapp Games doesn't sound weird

Basket Dunk 3D

That publicity every several games and that advertising ad located at the bottom Screen is a must for this type of games. It also has the skins that we can unlock with all the coins that we are getting as we go above the levels.

Some levels that are very easy at the beginning, but that are taking some difficulty as we go. It is appreciated Ketchapp Games keep betting on casuals more complex, as with Master Thief, another of this same study and that puts us in the skin of a thief of pictures.

And as we have said rarely, the difficulty curve of this type of games is more than important to continue enjoying them. Since if it falls short, we will leave it there until we uninstall it. What we can say is that Ketchapp Games has always taken great care to launch games with a curve of tight difficulty to hook its players.

Ketchapp follows his

Basket Dunk 3D

There are few Ketchapp games and in these last years, titles such as Ball Pack, Flippy Skate or the Prince of Persia have passed through these lines and were responsible for bringing it back to life which was a legend of yesteryear.

Visually Basket Dunk 3D is not the best that we have seen, but that is beyond the norm of the games of this house. We highlight the cinematic moments and the movements of the player, although they are not excellent either. In general terms the average passes, but it is far from what you would expect from a game in which we handle a basketball player with his court, board and more.

Basket Dunk 3D is a new casual from one of the most prolific studios and that we invite you to try so you can play fast games. Ketchapp is still eager to be one of the most important actors in the casual scene on Android and like many others, well packed with advertising so you don't miss it and don't miss it. There you have the download link.

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