Apple will delay the iPhone 9; Coronavirus hits its production ┬╗ERdC

Apple will delay the iPhone 9; Coronavirus hits its production ┬╗ERdC

Apple will delay the iPhone 9; Coronavirus hits its production

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The coronavirus outbreak that has originated in China For several weeks it continues to have consequences in the mobile technology industry. According to recent reports, Apple planned to launch its iPhone 9 (iPhone SE 2) by next March. However, it seems that Cupertino's company You will have to postpone the official launch of your new ÔÇťaffordableÔÇŁ iPhone, mainly due to the resumption of production capacity at Foxconn factories and other foundries. Currently, the total production capacity of these companies is below 50% due to the constant prevention measures against the transmission of the dangerous coronavirus. It is clear that with a limited production volume at these levels it is not possible to meet the needs of the market.

The iPhone 9 will be delayed; It was planned for March

Citing sources with direct contacts within Apple, several reports released earlier claimed that the company originally planned to hold a conference dedicated to the presentation of this affordable iPhone 9 at the end of next March. More specifically, there was talk that Apple would have announced the next March 31st, and then this will go on sale a few days later, on April 3. However, due to lack of capacity, the launch time will be forced to be postponed. For the moments, a new release date has not been determined for the phone.

Foxconn production capacity estimates

According to the previous plans announced by Foxconn, its factories are expected to reach 50% of its production by the end of this month February Then, they plan to resume up to 80% of its production capacity in March.

Turning to talk about what has leaked from the iPhone 9, this model still has a LCD technology screen. In their frontal area they will be present prominent frames at the top and bottom, and the screen will have a 4.7 inch size. Meanwhile, its rear area will be covered with glass. Inside it will be powered by the same A13 Bionic chipset that the iPhone 11 series. At the same time, the iPhone 9 will come with 3GB of memory in RAM LPDDR4X format. As for internal storage, it will be offered in options with 64 and 128GB. It is expected to arrive in traditional color variants Gray, silver and red.

In general, this new device is a version derived from the iPhone 8. The biggest changes will be in its A13 processor and 3 GB of memory. The other parameters are said to will be exactly the same as those of the iPhone 8. At the same time, the appearance does not change much. It is also expected to come with the fingerprint recognition feature Touch ID.

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