Apple wait to launch an iPhone with 5G

Apple wait to launch an iPhone with 5G

2019 is emerging to be the year in which mobile networks will begin to update for the arrival of 5G technology. At the same time, the companies that manufacture our smartphones are already in a race to have the first equipment to support the new network.

A strategic wait for Apple

The company of the apple is one of the only ones that still do not give information about its iPhone compatible with 5G and according to the page of Bloomberg not to be but until 2020 We will have a first look at this terminal.

One could quickly think that Apple is running late and that they can eat the cas we say colloquially in Mexico but if we give a more objective analysis to this, rather it is the Apple strategy in which wait for the new network to have better foundations that apparently will be until the end of 2019 to take the big step and thus obtain a greater amount of sales.

We hope to see how this 2019 develops, which as we have already said and we don't get tired of doing it Be an incredible year for the world of technology. Without more for the moment, be free to leave your opinion in the comment box, we are reading.