Any Parasite fan be happy with this release

Any Parasite fan be happy with this release

Surely there are still people who are still surprised by Oscar for best film by Korean director Parasite Bong Joon Ho, including the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

How bad were the Oscar ste ao? … and the winner is a South Korean movie. What the hell was that about?

Therefore, for the first American president, this may be a good stimulus to understand more the motivations of the award-winning film.

Is about Parasite: A Graphic Novel in Storyboards, a book that will have the official storyboard of the film edited by Grand Central Publishing (a division of Hachette).

The document for fantastic Present Bong Joon Ho's drawings for the 960 shots of the real action movie, in narrative order, in more than 304 pages. The book will also contain a prologue by Bong, as well as concept art and photos of the set.

Parasite Storyboard

“As part of his unique process, director Bong Joon Ho recorded each photo of Parasitebefore the filming of each scene. Compared by the film's dialogue, the graphic scripts he drew capture the story in its entirety. Director Bong also wrote a prologue and provided early conceptual drawings and photos of the set that take the reader to a A deeper insight that gave rise to this impressive cinematographic achievement, ”says the description of the product that is already in reserve since May 19, 2020 at Amazon.

Director Bong Joon Ho also commented on occasion to Sight & Soundthat initially imaginedParasiteas a theatrical production, since the story is limited mainly to two sets, but quickly changed my mind:

“When I started writing, from the first line, I realized that it will be impossible, because without going through the filter to think about the movements of the camera, the location and the size of the frame… it is impossible for me to have a story. So I left the idea of ​​theater immediately: my brain is optimized for cinema, ”he said at that time.

That's why President Donald Trump, come on, maybe he ends up understanding the movie more and maybe even likes it.

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