Android phones that are no longer compatible

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No one can deny that WhatsApp He is the undisputed king as an instant messaging service. Yes, in China and other Asian countries it competes hard with WeChat or Line, but it is the most widely used app globally. The problem is that, in a very short time there will be a few Android phones that will no longer be compatible with the flagship Facebook application.

Yes, the popular instant messaging service has just announced that it will stop supporting certain mobile phones. Or, rather to the older versions of software. Yes, it is very common, and most likely your smartphone is updated enough to continue working with WhatsApp. But, better confirm it as soon as possible.

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WhatsApp says goodbye to versions before Ice Cream Sandwich

One of the great advantages of Google's operating system is that every year we have a new version of Android. The giant based in Mountain View does not stop updating its OS to continue to face iOS. And that is an advantage when using services like WhatsApp. More than anything because it is very easy for your phone to be updated to a version of the operating system compatible with the well-known instant messaging service.

On the other hand, say that, the Android version that will stop working with WhatsApp is Ice Cream Sandwich. Given that, currently this percentage does not exceed 0.3 percent, it is clear that the percentage of users who will lose this application is minimal. Yes, it would be very strange if you regularly use a mobile with 9 years in the market.

Of course, you have to keep in mind that we will have margin until February, so if you have any terminal that you use to play retro games or after functions, and you use WhatsApp through it, you must update it by ROM or find another model to continue using this service normally.