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7 best alternatives you can try

Dropbox recently launched a bomb when it announced that Mailbox is closing. On February 26, 2016, the mailbox cease to exist. The popular email client application on Android and iOS gained popularity thanks to its intuitive swipe interface and email management features. His fresh concept of the zero inbox made sure he got a good fan base. The application even popularized the sliding interactions, which are now implemented in most e-mail applications.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and we will surely miss Mailbox, but fortunately there are some excellent applications that can replace Mailbox. Well, you should check these mailbox alternatives:

The best mailbox alternatives

1. Outlook

The Microsoft Outlook email application has been earning many favorable comments since the application arrived and deservedly. While it's not the same as Inbox, it's definitely the strongest alternative . Outlook incorporates the same sliding gestures for archiving and postponing that we have come to know in Mailbox. The application facilitates the administration of your email by dividing your emails into "Focused" (important emails) and "others." In addition, the application integrates several services such as Office applications, Calendar and various cloud storage services for attachments.

The best thing about the application is its clean and easy-to-use interface and, unlike Mailbox, which only supports Google accounts and iCloud, Outlook is compatible with most popular email services, such as Yahoo, iCloud, Google, IMAP and, of course, Microsoft accounts.

Availability: Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, Web (Free).

2. Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail provides a very similar approach to the mailbox. The functionality, including the sliding gestures are very similar, although we liked the Mailbox interface more. It includes most of the functions that we loved about Mailbox, such as snooze, reminders and adds unique functions such as "Packages", which group the electronic mail to facilitate the handling of emails, especially social, promotions, movie tickets, etc. The Gmail client also has a " highlights ", which shows the most important emails from the beginning. While the messy interface of the application, the lack of a unified inbox and only Gmail support can cause problems, it is still an excellent mailbox alternative, since It facilitates the administration of electronic mail.

Availability: Web, Android, iOS (Free).

3. Spark

Spark is our favorite mailbox alternative and that is due to its innovative features and its magnificent interface . The Spark application is the only one that includes short and long Mailbox swipes and you can customize these swipe actions to meet your needs. The iPhone-only application also implements the Mailbox inbox concept, with credentials that tell you the unread count. It also includes the " Smart Inbox ", which is a unified inbox with categorized emails, along with other interesting features, such as posting, sidebar, 3D Touch support, widgets and more.

The popular email client also has calendar integration, cloud service support and receipt reading . Unlike Mailbox, Spark is compatible with most popular email services. Well, you should definitely give Spark a chance and you might even like it more than Mailbox.

Availability: iOS, Watch OS (Free).

4. boxer

Boxer is very similar to Mailbox but with some additional bonuses of its own. The application includes customizable slide actions, massive actions, task lists and features like Smart Folders, which reminds you where you want to place your emails and works accordingly. The application allows you to send attachments through various cloud storage services along with the ability to store emails as notes through Evernote. Also integrate your calendar and contacts, so you can manage everything in one place.

In addition, Boxer is compatible with all the popular email clients we know, including Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo, IMAP, etc. Boxer is available in a free version, but it is limited and the Pro version offers several accounts, answers custom fast Y custom fast signatures .

Availability: iOS, Android (Free, Pro $ 9.99).

5. CloudMagic

CloudMagic is a popular email application and, although not very similar to Mailbox, it works as a solid email offer. The application facilitates the handling of several accounts, as it has a unified inbox, while the navigation bar on the left allows you to easily change accounts. It also adds separate colors for different email accounts and types of email, which makes it easier to send emails. There are several other interesting functions like the custom synchronization of folders, team contacts, reminders, scheduled emails, password lock, synchronization between devices, etc. The application takes the email accounts that are already in the system instead of having to enter them manually and also allows you to download attachments. In the background, which can be useful.

In addition, CloudMagic includes support for most email providers along with integration with cloud storage services for attachments. Also allows you save emails to third-party services like Wunderlist, Todoist, Evernote, OneNote and ms. While the application does not adhere to the Mailbox Zero Inbox concept, the application works as a powerful email application.

Availability: Android, Android Wear, iOS, Watch operating system, OS X (free).

6. my mail

myMail is another very popular email application and its clean and flat interface makes it more attractive. The electronic mail application is similar to Mailbox, considering that both are intended to facilitate the administration of electronic mail on mobile devices. The application includes sliding actions (although not customizable) and brings a unified inbox. Its navigation bar on the right shows all folders and allows you to easily switch between different email accounts. Other features of the application include the ability to create custom signatures, search files directly in the application for attachments, along with support for notification controls, ActiveSync protocol, filters, pin protection, address book, etc. Although the application is compatible with most e-mail providers, it does not support Microsoft Office Exchange accounts.

Availability: Android, Android Wear, iOS, operating system (free).

7. TypeMail

TypeMail has an interface similar to that of iOS that seems busy but is functional and beautiful in its own way. The interface is also highly customizable, with configurable mens, custom slide actions and more. There is also a very good selection interface at the top, which allows you to easily switch between different accounts and filters. It also adheres to the Zero Inbox, as it allows you to know unread messages through credentials. There are a lot of other interesting features like conversations / groupings, dozing, rich text signing, color coding, quick filters, encryption support and more.

In addition, the application is compatible with most email providers, including large ones such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud, AOL and comparatively smaller ones such as Yandex, RediffMail, GMX, Zoho, Comcast, along with any other account IMAP / SMTP or Exchange. He also has a blue email from identical siblings, so if he is already using it, he is using the same application.

Availability: Android, Android Wear, iOS, operating system (free).

Replace the mailbox with these excellent alternatives

Emails may not be everyone's priority, but they are probably still important to date. Mailbox was an excellent email application, but these alternatives should make sure you don't miss it so much. Then, try them and let us know what you like best. Relax in the comments section.