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6 reasons to choose an iPhone as your new smartphone

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Users are constantly searching for our smartphone to meet all our needs, which are currently going beyond making simple calls or sending and receiving text messages. And if you are considering becoming a new mobile device and you have not yet been able to choose between iOS and Android, give you 5 reasons that will help you choose an iPhone right away and by the way you take advantage of this incredible offer of the iPhone XS.

iPhone is your best option

We are currently looking for our phone and its operating system can help us in our productivity, which allows us to communicate and even entertain. All in the most efficient way possible. And although there are several options on the market, the most considered are Android or iOS devices. This last with some advantages over your competitor.

It is said that Android phones are considered the most accessible in terms of cost, and even when the idea that apple products are high cost or paid by the brand the reality is that today there are non-Apple devices that cost the same or more than an iPhoneHowever, this unique phone has some details that may be relevant in your daily use.


Apple is characterized by offering high quality products, because of this the construction of an iPhone is made with the best materials. Between aluminum, resistant glass and the high technology that is applied in its elaboration, as well as how great are its screens make it be a high end product, remarkable in terms of equipment and resistance.

Interface, updates and performance

One of the main features of an iPhone is the simplicity of its use. The philosophy of Steve Jobs was that the iPhone was easy to use and that's. You will hardly have a complication in daily use, iOS is so easy that the navigation, configuration and productivity on the device are high level.

Forget about annoying announcements about the performance of your RAM, of the confusions between configuration menus, of having applications to counteract faults and of the delay when using an application that requires processing too much. The chip of an iPhone is well above the majority of the market offering power and extending the life of the team. AnTuTu tells you which are the most powerful.

Also constant updates allow the iPhone to last longer Because it speeds up the system and keeps the device longer, it usually exceeds 3 years of updates. That is, I could serve for more years than you can expect, because it is still compatible with many applications and is just as fast as in the beginning, detail that is not possible with the guarantee of only 2 years of updates on Android.

iPhone being used

Applications and ecosystem

The support that the iPhone has for various powerful applications is unique. The App Store is the store that collects the most money for developers, therefore the best applications are normally developed for iOS and some functions are launched before Android. The App Store standards guarantee the user to find a variety of these applications with the assurance that they will always be for your benefit and productivity.

And the strongest detail of an iPhone (although it is not essential to idealize with one) is the possibility of expand its use and tools through an ecosystem created by Apple for its user. Tasks can be performed on different Apple devices, everything can start from the phone and end on the writer's computer or on an iPad. The relationship between the Apple Watch and the iPhone, now complemented by the AirPods, ensures a control of the most personal devices.

There is even the possibility to get more out of this ecosystem with the HomeKit circuit allowing you control various gadgets and household products from your iPhone. In general, Apple's ecosystem is one of the reasons why apple users do not decide to migrate.

Apple Ecosystem

An extra

The iPhone camera is considered one of the best in the market and the best of the year, it is always innovating not only in its functions and options, but in its quality; matching results to those of a professional camera. Also another reason and very important, is security. So far no other smart phone company offers the security and privacy that Apple has, so much so that the FBI could not violate it in a recent case.

In the end the decision is always of the consumer, but in reality these reasons can serve to evaluate the possibilities and guarantees that an iPhone can offer. Not only does it offer you a “distinction”, but it has great benefits that support its popularity, price and many times fanaticism.