5 games that I stopped playing and I'm enjoying again

5 games that I stopped playing and I've hooked again

I invite you to do this test: enter all the Android apps that you have downloaded throughout your life and choose the 5 games you played the most and that you already forgot. This is my selection.

The year is over and it's time to get nostalgic. There is no other, Christmas is the best time to look back. For example, as I did this morning, I tell you the process. I was looking at the comments on the articles of The Free Android, I entered this game for children who learn to program and accessed their download tab. Google Play Store surprised me.

These are 5 games that I had already forgotten and that deserve another chance

Yes, the developers of the World of Goo and the new programming game created a chimney simulator. As it is. The idea may seem absurd, but it is one of those little wonders that only indie creators can launch on the market. And it is worth recovering, hence this experiment: here are my 5 jewels of a lifetime. 5 games that I inexplicably stopped playing.

Do not go too far, that at the end of the post I will ask you to also do the experiment.

Little inferno

This curious and different game is from 2012, almost nothing. A puzzle title in which we have a fireplace and a catalog of objects. Mechanics? Burn the objects that we are commissioning thanks to the coins that we will get based on burning what we have in our possession. A pyramidal incendiary gamewow That may seem absurd and boring, but that contains so many hours of play that is a very good investment. He has endured the type despite the 4 years that have elapsed since its launch.

If you have not tried yet Little inferno This is a good time to download it. Go get him.

Pocket god

Of those games that have been on mobile phones almost since smartphones became popular. Specifically, Pocket god appeared on iOS in January 2009; coming to Android in December 2010. I have bought it since it appeared in the Android Market.

The purpose of the game is to annoy everyone who reveres you. As God you can do everything to your faithful. No regrets, which are later created more. Fortunately, the game has been expanding over the years, so we have different scenarios and a very good collection of "torture." It's still as great as ever.

Bad piggies

The angry Birds they are the story of personified mobile video games, but Rovio not only developed birds with slingshot capable of raising green pigs. One of the alternatives is Bad piggies, where we must help precisely the opposite side. How? Building all kinds of inventions with pieces. Jet cars, with springs, wings … One of those games that, despite not being original (there is another Android classic, Apparatus), it is full of fun and charisma.

Bad Piggies is one of the titles that has more hours of play on my phones. No wonder: its excellent quality. And it's September 2012 …

Flight Control

The hours I will have been able to play this game … In fact, it is listening to your music so it sticks to me instantly for hours. Addictive, exciting, as simple to play as making strokes on the screen to guide the airplanes, terribly complicated as you progress through the game … Another one of those games worth recovering.