Your private WhatsApp group may appear on Google

Your private WhatsApp group may appear on Google

A very disturbing news raised the Motherboard site, which warns about possible violations of WhatsApp that will be exposed on Google.

It turns out that the main search engine in the world will be indexing links with private groups of the messenger service belonging to Facebook.

This means that this group with your family or friends can be at the mercy of any person and can enter to participate.

Jordan Wildon, a journalist for the German Deutsche Welle, also noticed the vulnerability and placed it on Twitter.

“Your WhatsApp groups may not be as safe as you think. The "Invite a group through a link" feature allows Google to index the groups and are usually available on the Internet. With some search terms, you can easily find some … interesting … groups.

For its part, the application engineer Jane Wong said that Google has about 470,000 results for a simple search of "", part of the URL that composes the invitations to WhatsApp groups.

Undoubtedly a worrying situation, since the encryption and security of the app are in doubt after this. WhatsApp and Facebook still do not respond to the bug.

The dark mode of WhatsApp arrived at the iOS beta

In other news related to WhatsApp, this February 21 it was learned that the dark mode version of the application is already available in the iOS beta.

The site specialized in WhatsApp WaBetaInfoel service has activated the dark mode in version beta.

The recommendation that is to have the beta version of iOS and to download the dark mode for the platform is: “If you want to try the dark mode of the app on your iPhone you must download the TestFlight application from the App Store. This application owned by Apple, serves to access all applications that have beta phase in iOS. ”

Once you have downloaded the app you must access this invitation link to the WhatsApp beta and click on the "Start testing" button. That has a limit of 10,000 downloads.

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