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You have days to buy tickets for the Community Managers Summit 2020

There is very little time left before the Community Managers Summit 2020. This great summit for social media experts will take place next week, on February 18 and 19, at the Marriott Reforma hotel in Mexico City (CDMX). Being so close only means one thing: we are already on the last call to buy tickets for this event. And it is that the true market specialists will not want to miss it for anything in the world.

Not only allow community managers to know the latest trends of your industry. It also helps them acquire the precise tools they need for their evolution to digital strategies. And the possibility of learning how fool social media algorithms to work in favor of the brand. Are you interested in these topics? Do not forget to visit the following link to learn more and buy your tickets:

Community Managers Summit 2020

Do you want to know what else you can do at the summit? Here we also tell you:

Connect with others community managers

Almost 40 percent of the attendees of this event are experts in social networks. Thus, there will be ample opportunity to exchange ideas and learn about success stories. As if that were not enough, there will also be many marketing directors and brand managers; as well as several agency leaders and multiple entrepreneurs. That is, there will be ample opportunity to networking, both to create new business alliances and to expand the professional network.

Be with industry leaders

The Community Managers Summit 2020 will also be attended by some of the greatest experts in the social media sector. Thus, attendees will contact specialists such as Fernando Riveroll, CMO of DHL Express Mexico, and Carlos Carreo, omni-channel senior marketing manager of Cinpolis. They may also have direct conversations with these experts, who work at Distroller, Coca-Cola, Benedettis Pizza and Miniso.

Training opportunity for community managers

More importantly, social media specialists will have the chance to improve their skills and knowledge about the industry. Topics such as the effectiveness of the contents, Artificial Intelligence, will be touched throughout the summit. bots, data analysis and the habits of the digital consumer. Of course, elements such as online reputation, marketing technologies for 2020 and the industry paradigms today will also be considered.