You can now share images in 360 degrees and videos in HD (Facebook Messenger).

Today social networks are at their best, an example of this are instant messenger applications. Recently, the Facebook platform launched a small update to its Messenger application with the goal that users have new resources to use.

But what to implement this new update? The first thing is that users can now send videos with a resolution 720p (HD); however, it is necessary to send them from the galley of the device otherwise the quality of the videos will be much lower.

In addition to this the application allows users to send images in 360 degrees, but only the videos that we have in our gallery because Messenger has not yet implemented the possibility of recording video in 360 degrees, maybe in future updates this It can be implemented.

Facebook is working on this update under the pretext that almost all smartphones are already able to record in HD resolution, so it is important that Messenger can share these types of formats without any problem.

Finally this update on 360 degree photographs is available for both Android and iOS. However, not everything is rosy, since the possibility of sharing HD videos, only being available in some countries such as Canada, Australia, France, Hong Kong and others. Unfortunately, in Mexico, it is not possible, so we will have to wait until this new development is achieved worldwide.

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