Windows Defender reach Android

Windows Defender, which has been protecting our PCs from viruses and other malware for about 15 years, will soon make the leap to Android, which will transform into a new mobile antivirus, although perhaps with a different approach than usual.

Microsoft has announced that in the next few days present its Defender solutions for Android and iOS, which already gives us an idea that they will not be a simple antivirus. While it is possible to create full security suites on Android, restrictions on iOS will limit it a lot.

Mobile apps will be part of Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection, a comprehensive solution oriented to companies. We do not know if it can also be used by private users, as the firm has barely provided details.

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What is clear is that Microsoft seeks to offer a complete and cross platform security system, so you also need to cover mobile devices from rival companies like Google or Apple.

Your goal may not be to detect virus files, because computer security on Android and iOS works differently, but to protect user passwords, data and connections.

In fact, under the name of Windows Defender anti-spyware, antivirus tools have been offered and in Windows 10 it has been integrated into the system to protect it from various threats, so may evolve again.

Today, there are several antivirus programs on Android, and Google itself has launched Play Protect to detect malware that sneaks into the Play Store quite regularly, putting users at risk.

In the iOS App Store the risks are lower by manual review (although viruses are sometimes discovered), but Apple does not allow such programs.

We will have to wait for the announcement of Microsoft to know what you intend with Windows Defender on Android, many would like it to be a complete security suite, but we should not rule out that it is aimed only at companies with a large technological infrastructure.

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What do you think of this possibility? Would you like to use Windows Defender on your mobile?