Why smartphones don´t have a thermometer

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<p>Over time, smartphones <strong>they are increasingly complex and have more and better features and technical specifications</strong>. To a greater extent, firms are managing to introduce a larger number of sensors into increasingly thinner phones. Increasingly powerful Wi-Fi antennas, increasingly accurate GPS or cameras that soon resemble a DSLR are just some of the examples.</p><div class='code-block code-block-2' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Now, there is something we have not yet seen on a smartphone. Something that for us is really common and yet many firms have not yet dared to incorporate in their devices. We talk about thermometers and although our devices inform us every morning of the temperature outside, they are still not able to give this information for themselves. Thus, What is the reason why in 2020 there are still no smartphones with thermometer sensors?

This is the reason why a thermometer is so unhelpful in a smartphone

The explanation is quite simple and they give it to us in PhoneArena. Although a mobile phone is a much more complex device than a digital thermometer, smartphones are subject to large temperature changes throughout the day, which will undoubtedly alter the thermometer. That is to say, it is not the same to be using our smartphone sending messages by WhatsApp than to be playing for a couple of hours to the Call of Duty: Mobile.

Of course there are devices with thermometer on the market. Moreover, some old Samsung and Motorola phones had this function, although the instructions for use made it very clear. To use the thermometer it was best to leave the device still on some surface to cool and of course away from the body heat of our hands. That is, a function that sincerely and given how cumbersome it was, it didn’t make any sense.

Therefore and as a consequence, it is best to avoid installing apps from the Google store that promise us to measure the temperature in real time. Not only because of everything explained above but because surely many of them ask us for a series of permits they don’t need. A clear example is with the flashlight apps, tools at first sight harmless but that can put our privacy in danger if installed.