What is Hobbi ?: The Facebook Pinterest copy

What is Hobbi ?: The Facebook Pinterest copy

As of February 13, the Hobbi application is now available for iOS, a platform created by the team of new product developers of Facebook (NPE), which has many similarities with Pinterest.

This kind of idea board is defined as: “an application to share photos and videos designed to document your personal projects and hobbies”.

Strictly speaking, it serves to group images into stylistic folders and for now it does not have a component for exchanging stories in the social mode.

Hobbi serves to “capture and organize your creative process” such as cooking, baking, crafts, exercising or decorating the home, which is essentially related to Pinterest.

The application was first launched in Colombia, Belgium, Spain and Ukraine, is in the App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices with iOS 11.0 or later.

The Information site also referred to the effects that Hobbi caused with its opening to Pinterest, stating that the company's shares fell.

Who are the NPEs?

The team behind this new commitment of the social network of Mark Zuckerberg is the NPE, which is defined by the creation of “applications that will align with the Facebook mission of giving people the power to build a community, but will focus on send completely new experience. ”

The idea of ​​this team is to protect the privacy of users and also respond why they do not directly use the name of Facebook development team.

“We decided to create this developer name separately to help set appropriate expectations with people who, unlike the Facebook family of applications, NPE Team applications will change very quickly and will close if we find that they are not useful for persons. We expect many failures.We also want to minimize the interruption of billions of people who use Facebook applications every day, ”they said.

The NPE team already sac eNovember, a chat application to make friends called Bumpand a social music applicationAux. However, his first experiment, amemes editor called Whale, already closed.

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