What is Google Spaces and how to use it for group sharing?

What is Google Spaces and how to use it for group sharing?

Google I / O 2016 is just around the corner and Google seems to be in a hurry to launch its new applications. Last week, the company launched its new innovative keyboard application called GBoard for the iPhone (there is an Android alternative that you can use) and this week, the company went ahead and launched its new messenger application called "Spaces." As described by Google, the application is more a "tool for sharing small groups", but for us, it seems a mix between Google+ and Pinterest. Having said that, it seems pretty good, so We are going to go into the details of what exactly Spaces brings, okay?

What is Google Spaces?

Like the GBoard keyboard application, which allows you to share links, images, GIFs, etc. directly from your keyboard, The Google Spaces application allows you to share a link, video, image or note with a group of people without leaving the application . When you are having a group chat in messenger applications like WhatsApp and you want to share a video or a link to a great article, you must switch between different applications to do so. Well, Google Spaces plans to facilitate group discussions for you. Whether planning a trip or just a general discussion, Spaces should make things much easier.

The search services of Google, YouTube and the Chrome browser engine are all integrated into the Spaces application, to ensure that you do not need to leave the application to share images, videos, articles, etc. In addition, it has an excellent conversation view, which allows you to watch conversations while watching videos. So, Now that you know what Google Spaces offers, here’s how to use it:

How to use Google Spaces?

Google Spaces is available as an application for Android, iOS, web and Chrome. Then, install the application on your respective devices or simply go to spaces.google.com to get started. Once you have installed the application, You can use one of your Gmail accounts to log in to the application, invite people and start a discussion. So, without further ado, here is how to use it:

1. Create a space and invite people.

First, you must create a space to start a group discussion. To do so, just tap on " Create a space " And you will create your new space. Then, you can change the name of the space and invite people from the " Invite goes … "You can simply touch the button to send a link of your Space through any of the messenger, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. applications or you can simply copy the link and paste it anywhere. Anyone who has the link to your space can see it . Once the recipient opens the link in Spaces, he / she will have the option to join him.

2. Share things without leaving the application.

Once you have created a space and added people to it, you can start sharing things from the application with ease. You can enter a space and press the " Spaces "(which looks a lot like the Telegram cone) in the center of the bottom bar and see Four tabs to share links, YouTube videos, images of your galley and a text note. .

In the links tab, you can directly enter a link or search on Google and then share a link by touching the " Add to space "below. He also remembers the links he has shared in the past, so he can share them again with different groups without the hassle of re-searching on Google.

The YouTube tab allows you to share videos in a space by searching on YouTube and also shows you the videos you've seen recently, so you can also easily share them. You just need to open a YouTube video and press the " Add to space ".