Tipos de publicaciones efectivas en redes sociales y cómo las puede usar tu marca

Types of effective social media posts and how you can use them

Types of effective social media posts and how your brand can use them

Standing out among all the amount of content that is published daily on social networks is undoubtedly an important challenge today. According to Omnicore, in the case of Facebook, 317,000 status updates are shared, 147,000 photos are uploaded and 54,000 links are shared every 60 seconds. Competing against all that seems impossible, however, reality dictates that there are paths that can be followed or content that can be published to stand out on this and other social networks. With the above in mind, this time we will see some types of effective publications on social networks that can leverage brands.

According to Ignite Social Media, there are several types of effective publications on social networks that brands should consider to boost results in the engagement and even conversions section. Next we will see what they are:

Animal videos

On the internet there is a popular belief that says that everything viral is about videos of kittens, and in a way it is real because animal videos tend to gain a lot of popularity on social networks. Publications that show the tender or funny moments of animals are guaranteed to please audiences, managing to accumulate thousands of reactions and comments.

With the above in mind, and considering how the video format manages to overcome to other types of content, generating, according to the source, up to 59 percent more engagement, it is clear that the videos that involve animals are more memorable and ready to trigger engagement.

How can a brand take advantage of this? The key is to incorporate animals moderately and where it makes sense to do so. For example, a brand that sells household goods can post a photo or video of a puppy resting in a chair; On the other hand, a fashion retailer can advertise their clothes with a model that is accompanied by a pet. This type of content can invite fans to share the publications or even give rise to dynamics such as contests or any other event.

However, as the source recommends, care should be taken when working with animals on the contents to generate the greatest possible engagement for the right reasons, or in a positive sense. This means that it is the responsibility of the brand to ensure that the animals receive the appropriate treatment, that they are relaxed and that they are not placed in threatening situations or in which they may be damaged.

Recipes and food

In a sense similar to that of pets, food publications also become effective social media publications in terms of engagement. Currently it seems difficult to find a news feed in which there is no image or video with food (captured by friends or from a page) or even the so-called food porn. With the number of blogs and creators specialized in the subject, it is only expected that this torrent of food photos will continue to increase.

With the above in mind, it can certainly be difficult to think how different brands can take advantage of this issue if they are not particularly linked to the world of food. However, there are several instances where food can be leveraged to trigger engagement, you should only think outside the box. For example, a financial firm may show a series of ostentatious foods as something that people can aspire to with all the money they earn with the company; On the other hand, a pet food brand can present side by side an image of a dish that looks delicious next to another but for the dog.

In the case of brands in the food segment it is a fact that they can create all kinds of videos that look appetizing, or share recipes with their followers.

DIY or How-To videos

According to the source, self-sufficiency is a great business, and therefore among the effective publications on social networks are the Do It Yourself or videos and How-to videos or materials. While these are not just new elements, there is a growing trend in blogs and YouTube channels, as well as brand content focused on this issue, as many are eager to share their creations with audiences who are enthusiastic about it.

In the case of brands and companies, videos of the How To type, or DIY projects, represent a good way to provide value and expertise to audiences, while triggering the interaction with the company's product or service.

To make the most of these elements, think about what special services the brand offers to consumers and look for ways to help people with your product, for example, if you have a fashion brand You can show how to use some piece of the catalog in style.