Twitter try Stories like Instagram and Facebook

Twitter try Stories like Instagram and Facebook

It's been quite a while since Twitter stopped being that social network where in 140 characters one connected with the world. Today you can write much more, the platform has also begun to privilege photos and video, and even live content in association with large television networks.

But it has also become a place where the discussion is becoming bitter, violent and even full of fake news. That is why perhaps this last movement of the company of Jack Dorsey for a radical change.

Kayvon Beykpour, the Twitter product manager, announced on the social network that since February 18 they will work with Chroma Labs, “They will join our product, design and engineering teams that work to provide people with more creative ways to express themselves On twitter".

Chroma Labs is a company that now belongs to Twitter and allows you to complete elegant design templates and frames to publish collages and more on Instagram Stories, Snapchat and Facebook.

This means that now we will see Stories in the social network of Pajarito ?.

Through a statement, Chroma Labs spoke about his landing on Twitter:

“When we founded Chroma Labs in 2018, we set out to build a company to inspire creativity and help people tell their visual stories. Over the past year, we allowed creators and companies around the world to create millions of stories with the Chroma Stories app. We are proud of this work and we hope to continue our mission on a larger scale, with one of the most important services in the world.

As part of this, we are closing our business, with immediate effect. You can still use the Chroma Stories application to create incredible stories as long as the application remains installed on your phone and until there is some major change in a future iOS update. ”

This acquisition then opens the range of proposals to improve the platform and make it more friendly and also begin to purify those trolls or violent characters that do not contribute to a healthy conversation and discussion of ideas. Will the reflections remain the most important or the image succeed as in other social networks ?.

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