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Tips to be an Android app developer and live on it

develop apps for android

For almost a decade, many are the developers who are betting on the two mobile ecosystems currently available in the market: iOS and Android, the latter being the one It has a greater market share worldwide, about 85%.

If you think the time has come to reorient your professional career or you are new to the world of programming and want to dedicate all your efforts to the Android mobile ecosystem, here are some tips to be an Android app developer And not die trying.

Know how to program and know English

Android programming languages

The first and main thing is to know the different programming languages ​​that we can use on Android. There are many programming languages, but in this case, as in iOS, it is necessary to have knowledge of object-oriented programming languages (OOP), such as C ++ and Java.

Object-oriented programming, if you have no knowledge of programming, divides the code into objects that are then connected to each other. Each of these languages they have their advantages and disadvantages.

If you still don't know how to program, another aspect that you should keep in mind is that, yes or yes, you must know english, since all the documentation available for programming languages ​​is mostly in English. It is not necessary to be an expert in the language of Shakespeare, but to have more than basic knowledge.

Alternative to C ++ and Java for Android program: Kotlin


Both Apple and Google are aware of how important it is to have a developer community behind the Play Store. An ecosystem without applications It is absolutely worthless.

To try to encourage the creation of applications between veteran developers and those who are interested in this activity, Apple created Swift and Google officially bets on Kotlin.

Kotlin is an object-oriented programming language, much simpler and more accessible since it requires less formalities and rules than Java and C ++. According to Google, creating applications with Kotlin for Android allows reducing the number of lines of code needed by 40%, since each line includes more information.

This programming language is relatively new (2013), as is Apple Swift (2015), but despite its youth, on the internet We have at our disposal a large number of forums and websites of support that will solve all our doubts, as long as we use English to find them.

Read the Play Store guidelines carefully

Google offers us a series of guidelines that every developer must follow if you want your applications to be available in the Play Store. For this, all applications must behave in a manner consistent with the platform, follow the guidelines of material design regarding visual and navigation patterns in addition to meeting the standards of quality, compatibility, performance and safety among others.

These guidelines also inform us of the type of applications that never exceed the filters of the Play Store, so it is interesting to read them if our intention is to create an application that is not available (if it is not for something).

What application do I need to program on Android

Android Studio

Android Studio is the official IDE for Android application development and includes everything you need to Compile applications for this ecosystem.

The tools of the Android SDK, the set of development and debugging tools for Android are included in Android Studio, so we don't have to download it separately.

Another of the applications we need is a Android emulator, specifically Android Emulator, another application that is also included with Android Studio.

Android Studio includes all the tools that we are going to need if we want to create applications for the Android ecosystem. This application It is available for Windows as for macOS, Linux in addition to Chrome OS.

Design your application by hand

Once we are clear about what type of application we want to do, the first thing we should do before starting to chop lines of code is to create a scheme of the operation and the functions that we want to integrate in the application. Ideally, do it like a lifetime, with a pencil and paper.

Although it may seem absurd, this method allows us see with other eyes If the idea we initially had in mind about the operation of the application is correct or we can improve it. If we can also share it with friends or close family, better than better, because we can always escape any functionality even if it is obvious.

You have to keep in mind that we are not creating an application for us, but to adapt it to the use that most users may be interested in. The more functions offered better than better, as long as these are well organized and do not burden users.

Have your own website

Create web pages

All this is very good, we can create the best application in the world, but if we don't have a way to promote the application, the investment of time and money we have made will be of little value. The best way to promote our application is through your own website.

In this sense, if we plan to create different applications, the best we can do is create a different web page for each of them In addition to a general one for all the applications that we have created, in order to make ourselves known as developers.

On the internet we have at our disposal a large number of services that allow us to create from simple web pages (ideal for this case) for very few euros / dollars. But first and foremost: check if a domain can be registered. In fact, the name of the application it would be the first thing we should keep in mind, it is not going to be that when registering the domain is already occupied and we have to resort to other techniques.

App price (free, paid or subscription)

Other important aspects that we must consider before sitting down to create an application is how do we want to monetize it, that is, earn money with it. Traditionally on Android, many developers choose to add banner advertising without offering an option to remove the application.

Depending on the type of application, if you get loyalty to your users it is likely that more than one wants to have the option of eliminating advertising. If you want the application to have a long development and as time goes by reach a greater number of users, you should not abuse advertising let alone the full screen videos.

Many are the developers who have adopted subscriptions to have a number of monthly income that allows you to continue maintaining the application. The problem is that there are many users who are not willing to pay every month to use an application unless it is essential for their day to day (a utility that very few applications get to say none).

Have a good update policy

Android updates

Every year, a new version of Android is launched, which in many cases includes new functions, functions that we must take into account to include them in our application. Users who see how the application is updated regularly will continue to trust it.

If the user checks as soon as he updates the version of the operating system of his device, the application does not open, closes unexpectedly or does not work directly, will quickly look for other options and it will also affect the number of negative opinions in the Play Store.

Listen to users and their comments on Google Play

user opinions Play Store

The customer is always right. The Google app store, like Apple's, is a clear example of this statement. Many are users who, before downloading an application, bother to see both the overall rating of the application and the comments you have received throughout its history.

The comments not only allow us to solve performance or performance problems that our application presents, but also allows us to demonstrate a commitment to users who are suffering from some type of incident. In addition, it is an inexhaustible source of ideas which will allow us to add new functions.

Recognize our mistakes

If we know any developer, it never hurts to ask for an opinion about the application we are creating, since it can be a important source of ideas or solutions to the problems we are encountering when creating the application.

Recognize the mistakes we may have made are the best way to improve as programmers of applications, especially for mobile ecosystems, ecosystems that have become the main source of income for all those who know or want to learn to program.