Rick Harrison

This Rick Harrison wooden phone from Pawn Stars is worth more than an iPhone

Rick Harrison

Surely you meet Rick Harrison of the popular Pawn Stars program, his store, Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, is probably the most famous pawnshop in Las Vegas, and almost in the world. The program was first broadcast in 2009 and has since reached more than 150 passes.

In this place you can find really valuable and historical objects, but among all those weapons, toys or music albums there is a wooden telephone, which in its day was cutting-edge technology, and now cost much more than an iPhone.

Old technology at the price of gold

In a recent interview that cnet has made Rick have been able to appreciate many old devices worth thousands of euros. Between them we have a wooden telephone that Rick himself defines as high technology of the time and that, in addition, was compact at the time.

wooden phone

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Rick recommends that we keep devices that we think may be unique, since in a few years who knows what they could cost. For example old Apple devices, or not as old as a first generation iPhone.

Not long ago, I tried an Apple I computer. And those things can be worth up to half a million dollars. To start, it must be great and it has to be quite rare. There are many great things about collectible technology that are starting to cost a lot of money.

Without a doubt here we can see the evolution of technology, a device that at the time might seem common can be considered an authentic relic a few years later. It is not something that will happen with all devices, but with some specials.

This great wooden phone now It costs thousands of dollars, since it is a fairly unique piece, several times what an iPhone 11 costs today.