This is the smart lights of Xiaomi

This is the smart lights of Xiaomi

Once again it is Xiaomi who does not stop launching products destined for the home being this time the lighting section that is involved.

The lights called Xiaomi Yeelight Mesh, include a whole line of LED spotlights with bluetooth technology integrated allowing connectivity with either our smartphone, with the Yeelight speaker and its respective alarm clock.

With all this you will not have to open an application on our device be it iOS or Android or simply speak to the speaker to have full control of the lighting in our homes. If you ask me, it has great functionality for the energy saving section since allow you to adjust the light intensity between 5 and 100%.

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These lights come in different presentations and in only white color:

  • 4W and 300 lumen halogen
  • 6W and 500 lumen bulb
  • Plate type 5W and 400 lmenes
  • Candle type 3.5W and 250 lmenes

Sadly for Mexico, these lights are intended for a voltage of 220V at 50Hz Hopefully in the future we have a variant for this side of the world.

The release of these lights is from January 24, 2019 with prices of 7 and 11 dollars depending on the type and you can book them now in Youpin. Without more for now, tell us what you think about this commitment of Xiaomi to get more and more into everyday household products, we are reading.