This is the official answer to why there is no Instagram app on the iPad


Although this year is the 10th anniversary of the app to share photographs par excellence, Instagram an does not have an app designed for the iPad. It would seem logical to think about having an expanded version of the popular social network on our tablets with iPadOS, but from what we have seen to date this is not a priority for them.

At least now we have an official answer why an app for the iPad is not developed, and is that Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has answered a user who directly asked him about this. According to Mosseri, the main cause of an app not being there is the lack of resources to develop it for both platforms At the same time, iPhone and iPad. The complete justification was that Instagram has a lot to develop but just a few resources, and that the iPad app simply hasn't arrived yet because there have been other priority functions. As we saw with the launch of the chats on Instagram, the justification in this case to develop this before an app for the Cupertino tablet was that it was more important for them to facilitate their users to be in contact.

Instagram iPad App

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Some time ago, there are third-party alternatives to have a pretty good iPad experience, but Instagram changed its API, preventing third-party applications from correctly simulating the popular network. On the other hand, there is the argument that the Instagram website is good enough to not need an app on iPad as such, as well as we can add it to our home page the experience could go through being similar, but in any case not It is the same interface and real experience as a complete app.

There is no Instagram app for iPad because there are not enough resources available to develop for both platforms, says CEO Adam Mosseri.

For the moment we will have to continue waiting for maybe to be able to see in the future an Instagram app on iPad, in any case, we find Mosseri's justification certainly strange, especially with Instagram that belongs to Facebook and the latter have resources to cover the development of an app without problem.