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This is how the timer of a smartphone really works

iPhone iOS stopwatch

The stopwatch or timer is something that takes virtually all life on smartphones natively, without downloading external applications. Even the most normal way to use it today is ask Siri or to any other virtual assistant.

However, rarely have you stopped to think how exactly the timer of your device works. To your surprise, it is not just an app that lets time go by and telling you, to avoid errors in measuring your iPhone, iPad, and probably any other device, use another system.

The key is in the hour

Surely, as it happened to me until I found out, think that the stopwatch is like a simple mechanism that only measures how much time has elapsed, that is, it is an application that basically "count seconds". However this has its peculiarities.

iPhone stopwatch

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Instead of counting the seconds that pass after touching the Start button, The Stopwatch application actually records the time and exact date that button is pressed and saves it in the device memory. When you stop the stopwatch simply calculate elapsed time since then, in other words, make a subtraction between the current time and the one that is saved.

In this way the timer can tell the elapsed time even if you close the application, you can even turn off the iPhone and turn it back on and stop the clock Since time does not count, simply save the start time in memory and subtract it from the current one to show you the account.

This particularity has brought us for example absurd records, Joshua Mallik, from Kuwait, apparently recorded in the chronometer of your iPhone approximately 78,888 hours and 32 seconds, about 9 years running.

We do not know if the timer of all smartphones works the same, that of the iPhone and iPad certainly s but for example the Apple Watch does not use this system apparently. According to Apple itself, your watch can only time up to 11 hours and 55 minutes for some reason.