the social network does not work

The blue bird social network presents a each at your service For quite a few minutes now. As a general rule, when a social network goes down, we usually go to Twitter to confirm the news, but right now it is Twitter that fails.

Leaving the joke aside, the social network does not load the tweets from the feed, nor from the profiles, nor does it reproduce videos or GIFs, nor does it allow the sending of private messages or the publication of Tweets.

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This new Twitter version affects the applications of Android, iPhone, iPad and web version of the social network.

Each of Twitter affects globally, and based on the following map that we are going to show, Spain is among the countries most affected by the interruption of the Twitter service.

Image - Twitter down: the social network does not work

At the moment the reason for this is unknown, since it is not a key day, but a normal day, but everything points to a failure in social network servers. So the service is expected to be restored in the next few minutes.

If we want to enter Twitter right now, a dialog box appears at the bottom where they indicate that "The tweets cannot be retrieved at this time. Please try again later."

Image - Twitter down: the social network does not work

There are some social networks that have suffered failures in their services for hours, many hours. It's already happened to Facebook, where it took effect Sunday and WhatsApp and Instagram were also affected in one every day.

Telegram does not stay behind, several months ago, almost a year ago, he had one each where he spent almost 12 hours without service.

Remember that Twitter has 336 million active users every month, a data updated to January 2020. Every day more than 500 million tweets are published in the bluebird's social network.

Although they seem very high figures, they are not up to the 2,000 million users of WhatsApp or the 500 million users of TikTok, or even the more than 1,000 active users that Instagram already has. But there is a clear winner in this "competition", and it is Facebook, which today has the incredible amount of 2,500 active users every month.

A figure that sometimes escapes control of our knowledge, and that when we see it, we understand why governments look at these types of companies with a magnifying glass.

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