The second beta of iOS 13.4 has revealed CarKey functionality


Advances of a new functionality of Apple has been seen in the second beta version of iOS 13.4 and increasingly appear more reasons to have it definitely. Is about CarKey, a feature available for cars compatible with the NFC protocol that allow you to send digital keys by applying messages.

As you can see in the advances of iOS 13.4 the “keys” of CarKey are in the Wallet application and can be shared with other people so you can allow others to temporarily access a car, exclusively with people who use the Messages application. Evidence has also been left that they can be shared with people in individual conversations but not in group conversations.

Apple presents advances in CarKey functionality

According to macrumors, sharing CarKey with someone will allow that person to use their iPhone or Apple Watch to access a compatible car by holding the device near a reader NFC (Near Field Comunicaction) located inside the vehicle. The keys can be permanent or temporary, as the situation requires.

As with Apple Pay and Apple Cash, access to CarKey, is biomtrically authenticated using Face ID or Touch ID to make sure that the person who has the iPhone is the person with permission to access a car, although the existence of an “Express Mode” has also been registered, which presumably works without the need for authentication.

To bring this feature to as many users as possible Apple will partner with vehicle manufacturers for CarKey, which indicates that it may be a factory installed option such as CarPlay. CarKey requires a vehicle with NFC, so it is something that vehicle manufacturers should implement as was done with CarPlay.

Although the date on which CarKey is announced or when it becomes available for new vehicles is unknown, it is presumed that this release could occur at the event of March 31st, in which the debut of several devices is also expected.