The perfect alarm application for you to get out of bed

The perfect alarm application for you to get out of bed

There are those who fail to fall asleep and at the other extreme who, no matter how hard they try each morning, cannot get off the cushion. The alarm sounds and you turn it off without knowing later how you did it. Has it happened to you? It happened to me, luckily this application helped me.

Putting an end to my inability to get up "at first", I looked for how my alarm could help me: my mobile. Even the idea that the mobile itself as an alarm did not work in my case crossed my mind. It didn't work to leave it on the desk, I didn't want to wake up the whole house and I couldn't think of anything. Until I found Alarmy.

An alarm application with a very useful extra

Alarmy is a alarm application ready to get you off the camto. Will it sound louder? Well no, its goal is to make you lift. You will have to move to deactivate it.

The operation of the application does not differ much from any alarm. On the cover we have the list of alarms created, with the name we give them, the method of shutdown chosen and the time at which it will sound if we activate it.

We have one history view which will show us in a graph and in a list when the alarms have sounded throughout the month. In addition to the configuration, there is one more view that will be the one that will open after deactivating the alarm. This shows the weather forecast and some news.

We can create alarms that are programmed for an hour and repeat a few selected days as we can choose the sound of the alarm and the postponement time.

Lift, lazy, or Alarmy won't stop ringing

And how do you want to get this application to get up? Do you recommend putting the phone away so that we will turn it off? Nerd. The mobile can be on our bedside table, next to the bed. Alarmy will make us move to turn off the alarm. For this it has two essential unlocking modes.

The first of them is him image recognition. You can take a picture of your room, select it when setting the alarm and when it sounds it will not turn off until you take a photo like that again.

But my favorite method is the barcode reader and QR. Do not have a QR? It's normal, but your kitchen is probably full of barcodes. What I do is register the barcode of a coffee package, which is on a shelf and thus does not turn off until I go to the kitchen and scan the barcode.

Also cheatproof

These functions can already be found in other applications, even in some very complete ones that record your sleep too. Why is Alarmy special? Because it includes one protection so you don't turn off the alarm of other methods.

The application prevents the shutdown menu from appearing and restart the device. You keep pressing the button to turn off the mobile and before you want to click on "Turn off" the application has already removed the button in front of you.

When the alarm starts to sound you can only silence it:

  • With the deactivation method selected (for example: QR reader).
  • When the cell phone runs out of battery.
  • After pressing the button that postpones it … until the time is fulfilled and with limit.
  • Once you have pressed the emergency shutdown button 1000 times (in case the deactivation method fails).
  • Turning off the device suddenly and suddenly.
  • By hammering, throwing it through the window several floors or in other ways that we do not recommend.

You can also set the alarm to deactivate after shake the mobile for a while or when completing some mathematical operations.

The bottom line: achieve your goal

I have much to thank this application, really. And works! At least with me, I have enough groundhog. With other applications I ended up turning off my cell phone and falling asleep again.

The shutdown of the shutdown menu helps, but what if you don't move from the bed and press the emergency button 1000 times? The alarm goes off, but after pressing the screen 1000 times with the alarm sounding or worrying about postponing it, you're already awake.

Alarmy is a free application with ads not intrusive, but it also has a premium version that removes them and unlocks some more features.