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The new Pokmon GO lets you transfer several Pokmon at once

The latest version of Pokémon GO introduces a novelty that should have been from the beginning: the possibility of transferring several Pokémon at once to the teacher. More information is also added to the companion Pokémon screen.

We are on the eve of a very fat update for Pokémon GO: those of Niantic want to say goodbye to the year in the best possible way, in a big way. It has certainly been his year: with the departure of Pokémon GO many records were broken; even though now the game does not reach initial success. And in the absence of the big update next week, we have a smaller one that brings a very important novelty.

From now on you can transfer several Pokémon to the teacher at once

The new Pokémon GO lets you transfer several Pokémon at once

Y receive all the candies at once. As an experienced player who has spent many hours in the game, I always found a waste of time having to transfer the Pokémon one by one. It does not fail: space is always filled when you are about to get an important creature. And emptying enough space could take several minutes.

The main novelty of the latest Pokémon GO update is just that: transferring several Pokémon at once. To do this, simply place yourself in the inventory, press and hold until the first Pokémon is marked, and then mark all that we want to transfer. The corresponding button, a confirmation will appear and we will receive the total candy.

This is not the only novelty, that we will now have more information on the screen of our partner Pokémon: all the kilometers he has traveled with us and the amount of candy you collected. In addition, we will know what kind of gym Pokémon are before starting a battle.

December 12 is the key day

We expect a great update for this date, in addition to an event that commemorates it. Niantic will add the 100 new Pokémon of the second generation of the game. It is expected that, coinciding with the Christmas dates, some type of campaign will also be organized with extra elements to continue playing.

Until the key date arrives, you can now update your Pokémon GO to receive the novelty of multiple transfer. This update is available in the Google Play Store.