El LG G4 finalmente si será compatible con Qualmcomm Quick Chargue 2.0

The LG G4 finally if compatible with Qualmcomm Quick Chargue 2.0

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The fast load today is essential, or at least for some of us. I, since the first time on my Samsung Galaxy Note Edge was delighted, and, charge the smartphone Without it, it is already an ordeal. In addition, if we add that it is much more comfortable that we consume more and more batteries, it becomes inevitable to think a mobile today without this feature. As of today, the best standard is the Qualmcomm Quick Chargue 2.0.

And so LG also thinks, because it has already confirmed that, although they did not say it in the keynote where was the LG G4, its new flagship, it is confirmed that Whether to be compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0. Although, unfortunately, the charger is not compatible with the fast load being 1.8 amps.

It's a little weird that, with the processor that carries the terminal, the Snapdragon 808, which is the one that gives the compatibility, the South Korean firm does not decide to include a compatible charger also. If we want to use it, therefore, we will have to buy some compatible charger.

Since they announced it, they have put on their website that yes, which is compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, which allows you to load the smartphone 75% faster if we use any compatible charger. Allow, therefore, to charge 60% in just 30 minutes.

Although they don't bring the necessary charger, at least they have made it compatible, because other manufacturers, still carrying the same processor, have not bothered. Hopefully, before June 1, LG will change its mind and if it decides to distribute a charger with each terminal, although it is already too late, we assume that they have already been distributed around the world.