We can make our lists in seconds

The ideal app to make lists with the songs downloaded on your mobile

Music accompanies us in our day to day, either by streaming or from our file library. Depending on the occasion, we would like to listen to one type or another of music, making use of our playlists. But what if we could use them whenever we want?

Every music fan, to a greater or lesser extent, will have various playlists. What if we could program them to listen to them at a certain time? Or better yet, use them as a custom alarm. For this we have brought you a new application.


If we have to describe this application, we could call it our music agenda. That is the idea on which it turns Muzical, being able to create our playlists and listen to them right at the right time.

We can make our lists in seconds

The application is very simple to use and in a few seconds we can have our entire digital agenda configured. We just have to indicate the songs we want to hear, assign a name to the list and specify when to start playback.

But Muzical adds another great detail, being able to use a playlist as an alarm, in fact it is set exactly the same. Being able to specify if it is repeated weekly or only in a few selected days. In a few touches we can have everything set up and when using the music stored on our device, you don't need an internet connection to run.

We can use our lists as an alarm

From the moment we have everything ready, when the specified day and time arrives, the reproduction of the appropriate list will begin. So we can have different events scheduled, our work schedule, time in the gym or some special event.

Free and simple

Our protagonist occupies little in its installation, however it has two aspects that may not please all users. It is in English, although its use is so simple that it should not be a problem. And the second aspect is the use of advertising, which is sometimes somewhat intrusive.

Leaving those two details aside, if you have lots of playlists and would like to organize when to listen to them or use them as an alarm, Muzical is the application you should try. It has compelling arguments to be on your device. What are you waiting for to try it?