The Gmail app for iOS now supports Siri shortcuts


A few years ago anyone would say that Apple was going to give developers so many options when it came to integrate system functions into your applications. Things like shortcuts, among many others, will simply be unthinkable if we look at a few back versions. Luckily for us, in Cupertino they have gradually opened their minds. And thanks to this we receive functions like the one that just arrived in the last update of Gmail.

Recently, we shared with you that the Gmail application had received a new version that finally included the integration with the iOS Files app. Thanks to this novelty, users we can attach all kinds of files in a much faster and easier way. However, it seems that this was not the only change that Google had prepared for its iPhone and iPad mail management application. Now, it's time for Siri's shortcuts.

As reported from MacRumors, Google has started implementing Siri shortcuts in the Gmail application for iOS through a new update. In this way, after configuring them in the app, we can execute certain actions by simply using a voice command through Apple's digital assistant. However, this functionality is still quite limited, specifically it only allows you to send emails, so it is not particularly useful for now.

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In any case, this is an important step by Google, which together with the movement that already made to integrate Files shows that its intention is to ensure that the Gmail app remains one of the main free alternatives in front of the native Mail app. That yes, it will also be convenient that Apple were taking note of the competition, that a good battery of news to Mail will not hurt in an upcoming system update.