The first impressions of the Motorola RAZR raise doubts

The first impressions of the Motorola RAZR raise doubts

The Motorola RAZR It begins its path by opening more doubts than offering answers. Various videos have emerged with the first impressions of the terminal and do not leave the device in good place. Again the problems have their cornerstone in the hinge area, although this time they have not affected the screen.

motorola razr

Crunches in the hinge and a large slack in the crease

In a video published on YouTube by the BBC, it is about answering various questions from users about the Motorola Razr. When talking about the resistance of the screen it is mentioned that certainly at the ends it shows firm, showing this by pressing with the ua, declared enemy of the screens of the Galaxy Fold. However, in the area of ​​the fold it becomes a more spongy touch and what is worse, it is appreciated a big slack that could cause dust and other particles to sneak under the screen, with the consequent risk involved.

Motorola RAZR screen fold

Recall that this was also a sensitive point of the Fold, which Samsung solved in the second version of the terminal. The Motorola RAZR seems to repeat the same design error and we must see how it affects the screen as the days go by.

Another problem that is mentioned in the video is a sound in the hinge area when folding and unfolding the phone. In the video it is appreciated slightly, but the videos of other users have already appeared on Twitter where the noise is much more than evident.

We talk about a smartphone that costs no less than 1,599 and that these problems have arisen with just 24 hours of use. Of course it is to worry, but for now we wait for company statements to know if they are problems in specific terminals or it is a widespread problem.

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