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The Duhamel Valley studio makes a short recording with the iPhone to reach the Apple Store

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The iPhone has become over time an incredible photographic device and the iPhone 11 Pro is the maximum expression of this capacity. We have already seen numerous videos recorded with the iPhone 11 Pro, even official Apple ads, so its quality is more than proven.

Last year, Apple commissioned directors Julien Valle and Eve Duhamel a short film for Today at Apple, the free creative sessions that are held in all Apple Stores around the world. Now this movie called Glacier and recorded 100% with the iPhone XS Max is now available.

Glacier, the short film recorded with the iPhone 11 Pro

The short film lasts 1 minute from another world and is completely shot on iPhone XS Max using Moment lenses and the FiLMiC Pro application. This incredible result is recorded with the iPhone of 2018, so it is shown that the quality of Apple devices is beyond doubt as to their photographic performance.

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If you have recently visited an Apple Store with a large screen, it is very likely that you have seen images of this short. Similarly if you have gone to any of the Today at Apple sessions on recording techniques with the iPhone, you may have also been able to see this work.

It is not the first time that Duhamel Valley and Apple paths intersect, the studio has also collaborated with Apple in previous campaigns, including a series of fun ads with the iPad Pro as the protagonist.

The iPhone and their cameras are really amazing and over time they have replaced conventional cameras for most users. It's something that manufacturers are increasingly working on and devices cameras are always an important part of every presentation of a new smartphone.