The best Android games of the week: Bully, Animarium, Cell Connect

The best Android games of the week: Bully, Animarium, Cell Connect

The weekend arrives and, with it, free time to rest and play. Welcome to a new edition of the best Android games of the week, a section where you can meet new games to have fun with our phone.

We continue the month of December with more games. One of the undisputed protagonists of the month is Pokémon GO, a game that is beginning to include more and more news (and new Pokémon are coming). But it is not the only game we should look at.

Cell connect

A puzzle game for number lovers. In Cell Connect we have a board full of hexagonal pieces that are filled with numbers. Our goal is to join pieces with the same number in blocks of four, adding and becoming a single piece of greater value.

Is about a fairly challenging game despite its simple mechanics, and with a random mode that allows each new game to be completely different.

Cell Connect is a free game with micropayments.

Super Pixel Heroes

A new fighting game comes to Android, but it's not as you might expect. In Super Pixel Heroes we can control one of many heroes in a game mode in which we will fight in one-on-one battles.

The aesthetics of this game follow a style pixel art in 3D, a rather curious combination (being a more common style in 2D games). As the battle progresses the body of our hero will lose limbs in pixel explosions.

Super Pixel Heroes is a free game with micropayments.

Gungun Online

Are you a fan of the popular Worms? Then Gungun Online is a game that you can't lose sight of. It is a game in which we will have to compete in a network against other players.

This is a game that puts us in command of an artillery unit on a two-dimensional map, where we will have to use our weapons to kill our opponents in one-on-one or two-on-two moves.

Gungun Online is a free game with micropayments.

Amateur Surgeon 4

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Simulators are in fashion and one of the most curious types are surgery simulators. While some like Surgeon Simulator try to follow a more realistic style, others bet on a more casual tone.

And the next game follows exactly that tonic. In Amateur Surgeon 4 we will be a surgeon who can operate up to 100 types of patients. To improve our effectiveness, we can recruit enhancers and helpers in multiple game modes.

Amateur Surgeon 4 is a free game with micropayments.

Little Briar Rose Adventure

A graphic adventure that has caught our attention is Little Briar Rose Adventure. Its main virtue is its hand-drawn graphics, which follow a style of stained glass.

A game that drinks a lot of classics like King Quest and Monkey Island. If you liked these titles, it is a game that you can not miss, and if it is not a good opportunity to start the graphic adventures …As long as you know English.

Little Briar Rose Adventure costs 2.89 euros.