Blocker Spoilers: the app that avoids spoilers wherever you go

the app that avoids spoilers wherever you go

You are calmly on Twitter, Facebook or in any of your networks so quiet. You are anxious to wait for the next chapter of your favorite series, and therefore, you are afraid that some clever who has seen the chapter will make you die based of spoilers, or what is the same, relevant plot data before you see it.

And more than one has happened to us that because of imprudence we have eaten a good portion of these, and not feeling well. Although of course, being networks as massive as they are, it is difficult not to take one as we are exposed to hundreds of people who have seen the content that we have not. But finally, friends, We have an app that blocks them.

Block that spoiler so inopportune with this app

Blocker Spoilers: the app that avoids spoilers wherever you go

This wonderful app is called Blocker Spoilers and its mission as its good name indicates is to block every spoiler that we see both in social networks and in messaging apps. To do this, first of all, we must give you access to our actions and give you permission to inspect the contents of our windows. You decide if it's worth it.

Once we have done that, we give you access to one of our applications that is the potential producer of undesirable spoilers. In this case, we have chosen Facebook, although it works with the apps we want. And this is the result:

Blocker Spoilers: the app that avoids spoilers wherever you go

It is not that it is the most beautiful thing in the world, we will not deceive you. A box of a specific color will appear where the possible spoiler is, and if we slide down, all content that contains the keyword that we have previously selected will be completely censored.

We have to clarify several things. The first, Spoilers Blocker is not that it is especially accurate, and will block all content that even has the keyword inside, even if we write it. Something erratic, really, and we may miss additional content of it.

Blocker Spoilers: the app that avoids spoilers wherever you go

To do this, we will have to go to the application and generate the censer. We already have several predefined, such as Game of Thrones or Westworld. We can both edit and create them, and the thing works in a way, in my opinion, very ingenious.

We create the name of the censor, and choose within this All the keywords we want to censor. For example, in this case, we would have the characters of the series in question. This makes a lot of sense, since so many spoilers are focused on certain characters and events, and we can block content only from that variant so as not to miss any content.

Blocker Spoilers: the app that avoids spoilers wherever you go

Another thing has been with messaging apps. With WhatsApp it has worked partially, but with Telegram it has been impossible. In addition, we have noticed that the performance drops a bit when the app works, although it should be clarified that this application is in beta.

You can choose the color of the background that censors the spoilers, the text and you can choose how you want to skip censorship because of dangerous curiosity, if you press and hold, double tapping, and so on.