One Hyper: Motorola presented its phone with a retractable front camera and a 64 megapixel rear camera

Technology reviews: we tested the Motorola One Hyper, a cell phone with periscope camera

Motorola's new smartphone stands out for a front camera that looks like a pop-up periscope

This week LA NACION prob el
One Hyper cell, which
 launched in the vernacular market at the end of December without delay regarding its international debut. The phone has a generous screen, 6.5 inches, and appreciable photographic performance. But beyond these benefits, it stands out for a front camera that looks like a periscope and that the insiders call "pop-up." Specifically, it is a photographic sensor located in a small module that remains hidden in the phone's body and only emerges at the time of a selfie or video call. It is not a simple eccentric gesture: more and more manufacturers choose that specification to get screens without interruptions. Others have already done it, for example the Chinese brands Huawei and OnePlus. In this case, 90 percent of the front is occupied by the screen.

Looking at the front face of most smartphones we found a series of "cuts" on the glass. In recent years, manufacturers strived to eliminate them: they reduced frames considerably, in some cases relocating the fingerprint reader, and also took the front cameras to a tab (or a sector in the form of a drop) so that the screen suffers the Less clipping possible. The retractable system is postulated as an alternative solution. The camera does not get in the way while it is used and, as such, does not cut the glass full time. That is: innovation also has some disadvantages, especially its durability and resistance.

It is logical: a mechanical element that moves and protrudes from the phone is considerably more fragile in relation to an internal component, much less likely to suffer blows or failures. Nobility obliges, we had no problems with the One Hyper, whose 32-megapixel "periscope camera" came out and entered the phone as many times as we demanded, without problems or delays, with the sound of a barely audible little motor. Now, that irreproachable performance will be kept on phones that are used more than a week for a newspaper's review, maybe for years? The answers to these questions will determine whether the trend will take hold in the mobile business or if it will be a passing fad. In this field, the equipment we tested includes a convenient system that folds the camera when it detects that the phone moves too fast, indicating one possible each.

In any case, the Motorola One Hyper is more than its retractable camera. If the 32 megapixels of the front are already appreciable, the 64 of the main one are also estimated, the one that is on the back, which also has a 118 degree lens for panoramic shots. In both the front and the back one includes a technology that the manufacturer calls
Night Vision, which serves for sharp results in dark environments. In experience, there are no criticisms for photographic performance.

Other items of its technical file register it in the mid-range. For example, it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 eight-core processor and 4G of RAM, although its battery rises the rod of the category, with 4,000mAh that translate into more than 35 hours of autonomy. It also has 128GB for internal storage that can be expanded up to 1TB. The One Hyper comes running with Android 10, the latest version of Google's mobile operating system.

As we noted at the beginning of this review, the smartphone has a wide screen of 6.5 inches, a figure that is around the size of a compact tablet, and has Full HD + resolution. The variant we tested has a bright blue housing that, against it, accuses the passage of the fingers on its surface. With its pure screen philosopher and its fingerprint reader on the back, the equipment is offered in the local market from 34,999 pesos. Without a doubt, to be a test bench for pop-up cameras, which other companies also test and that could even rotate on its axis to offer its charms also on the back side.


. Technological reviews: we tested the Motorola One Hyper (t) a cell phone with periscope camera – LA NACION