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Sponsoring an Android brand from an iPhone, another famous has fallen

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It is not the first time that happens, and we are sure that it will not be the last one to happen. A well-known soccer player of Tottenham Hotspur and who also plays for the British national team, has fallen before the famous ‚ÄúTwitter for iPhone‚ÄĚ.

On this occasion the catch was Dele Alli, which was hired by the company Honor, known for being one of the Chinese brands with more pull right now, to sponsor its terminals. The Spurs player was hunted among others by the well-known content creator for YouTube SuperSaf. Although the player quickly removed the tweet, the comments could no longer be stopped since it was youtuber himself who did not hesitate for a second to comment on this.

Although the tweet is no longer available, what continues to show the Tottenham player is that virtually all of his tweets have been made from an iPhone.

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Companies that hire famous people for their advertising campaigns they should start worrying about this phenomenon, and value who they choose before jumping into the pool. It is very ugly to see that someone who is sponsoring you is doing it from a competition terminal.

As we commented at the beginning, It is not the first catch of this style. Samsung has tweeted from an iPhone (and this is its biggest competition), the Xiaomi account in Brazil went through the same havoc and even the same Wonder Woman fell into this by sponsoring the Huawei Mate 10 from its iPhone all for 2018.

Maybe what these celebrities are not valuing are the consequences of their actions since something like that can end up assuming them even a sanction, as was the case of the Russian influence that had to pay 1.6 million fine for sponsoring Samsung from their iPhone. Hopefully both companies and famous advertisers learn from these events. And if they don't do it, we will be there so we can laugh at least a bit of their mischief.