SOTKA and its 100 days of program to lose weight and eat better

SOTKA and its 100 days of program to lose weight and eat better

SOTKA is an app that comes with the fixed idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeducating you what you have to do to be fit and how to eat healthy. So you will start the year preparing for those summer days when you can take off your shirt and show those lost kilos.

A simple and free app that has been developed by users like you who have been in the position to improve their eating habits and take off a few extra pounds to avoid changing the closet every few months. Let's learn about what this new app for Android offers us.

The 100 days of SOTKA

We tend to be reluctant before these promises in which we are told that in so many days we will go down I don't know how many kilos. SOTKA's promise is that in 100 days your program allows you to download the goal of kilos and to keep you fit.

It does not do so by magic, but through a program in which you will be educated and in which you will be part of a training in which you will improve your eating habits and a series of exercises that you will incorporate into your day to day. In this way, after those 100 days you will have the necessary tools to keep your body in shape and your mind is lighter in thought.

You know that from mens in sana in corpore sano, or healthy mind in healthy body. The 100-day SOTKA program is divided into about 49 first days, where you will review your daily physical exercises, your diet and training in which we will learn basic things about food.

The answers we will find are related with questions about how to breathe during the exercisesHow long will you need to exercise your body or how much water do you need to drink each day? You will find a lot of wise answers to common questions when one begins to give the necessary importance to your body.

The next 41 days after the first 49


The second phase of SOTKA goes through 41 days remaining in which your program It covers advanced exercises and work related to the muscles of our body. It will be the last days dedicated to the ‚Äúturbo‚ÄĚ block in which you will be challenged with 7 unique exercises to perform.

That is, there are 100 days in which the SOTKA app will educate you so that you have in your hand the best tools to depend on yourself when it comes to improving those habits. We talked about a program dedicated by the founders of Street Workout and that has helped more than 350,000 people worldwide.

And no, it's not yet in Spanish

The biggest handicap of this new app for physical exercise is that is not in spanish. The only languages ‚Äč‚Äčpresent are English and Polish. We hope to get the batteries and gradually expand the translations so that we can have it in our language. Since it becomes quite difficult for many users to not understand these explanations and not be able to follow the training.

Anyway, illustrations are included that help to understand the exercises, although you are going to have to pull an online translator, like Google's, to guide you through the tips and help SOTKA is providing. It does not mean that you also put the batteries with the English, we leave the Polish for now, and better your skills to kill two birds with one stone.

SOTKA is an interesting 100-day training program With which you will be able to feel better both physically and mentally, since it also includes diets with which to get rid of fats and reduce calorie consumption on a daily basis. If you want to start this year with the best of spirits, what better way to download the free app and try a few days. No one will force you to finish the program and through the days you can learn better habits.