Soros accuses Facebook of helping Trump in his reelection

Soros accuses Facebook of helping Trump in his reelection

The US presidential race begins to take flight not only in the Democratic primary, but in the latent option that Donald Trump can be re-elected.

In that line, the tycoon and president of Quantum Fund, George Soros, wrote an open letter in the New York Times where he threw all his darts against Facebook and especially against Mark Zuckerberg, for the help they would be giving to the current US president.

The main thesis of Soros and that he has faced with the social network is the following:

"There is an informal operation of assistance or mutual agreement developing between Trump and Facebook in which Facebook helps President Trump to be reelected and, in turn, Trump defends Facebook from attacks by regulators and the media," he said.

Basically the billionaire of Hungarian origin believes that the fact that Mark Zuckerberg did not decide to lower the political ads on his platform, is another example of his company's interests with the White House.

“I think Trump and Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg realize that their interests are aligned; the president wants to win the elections and Zuckerberg wants to make money. ”

Soros also recalled how in the 2016 elections the current president used social networks to build a campaign based on fake news to win.

“The decision of Facebook not to request the verification of data for the advertising of political candidates in 2020 has opened the door to false, manipulated, extreme or incendiary statements. Such content is rewarded with a privileged location and promotion if it meets the somewhat popular norms of popularity and interaction designed by Facebook, ”he said.

The businessman's darts were not only for Mark Zuckerberg, since he also dedicated a few words to his right hand Sheryl Sandberg.

“On January 22, at a party in Davos, Facebook's director of operations, Sheryl Sandberg, repeated the worn out Silicon Valley clich that Facebook is trying to make the world a better place. However, Facebook should be judged for what it does, not for what it says. I repeat and reaffirm my accusation against Facebook under the leadership of Zuckerberg and Sandberg. They only have one guiding principle: maximize your profits regardless of the consequences. In any case, they should not be allowed to control Facebook, ”he concluded.

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