Some of these apps for Valentine's Day can save you

Some of these apps for Valentine's Day can save you

Did you just realize that today is Valentine's Day and has not prepared anything special for your partner? Quiet, we understand that with the hustle and bustle of the day you have passed. Although we do not know if your partner understand it as well as we do. So before you have a problem or your soulmate is disappointed, we recommend that you use these apps for Valentine's Day, available on both iOS and Android and solve the problem with a few touches and some money.

You are welcome!

Send flowers with 1-800-Flowers

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The most traditional thing in San Valentn is to buy flowers for your better half, but the best thing is that they are unexpected. 1-800-Flowers is one of the most recognized services to send plants, flowers and gifts to anyone, at any time. If you want to send flowers, cookies or chocolates, you can do it with this service. One of the wonders of 1-800-Flowers is that it has service not only in the United States, but in another 195 countries.


Plan a trip with Airbnb

This is the perfect application for a last minute trip. You can book any house in the world. The options are divided into categories, so you can book by price, neighborhood and features. It is a fabulous way to discover new places and your host can recommend you where to go.


Plan a romantic dinner with OpenTable

It may be impossible to make a reservation on these dates at the restaurant they like best; Here the importance of OpenTable, which allows you to see what other restaurants are not covered. There are special offers of some establishments and a program of points similar to those of the airlines, but to eat, as well as personalized recommendations.


Home delivery dinner with Munchery

If you are one of the people who prefer to stay at home and have a romantic dinner, Munchery is an excellent option. Munchery offers a selection of delicious meals, cooked fresh and cam up to the door of your house. This application offers even the same day deliveries in some areas, although meals tend to sell out quickly. Also, if you are looking for a little atmosphere for your romantic evening, you will love knowing that Munchery partnered with Google Music to create playlists that combine with your meals.


Find the ideal gift with Giftgram

If you are looking for the perfect gift for this Valentine's Day, Giftgram has many options. Giftgram offers gift ideas of all prices for women and men. Simply select the item you want, enter the postal address of your loved one and Giftgram will take care of the rest. Of course, be sure to do everything in advance, since deliveries take between three and five days.


Make a personalized card with Felt

Do you want to send the perfect card to your partner? With the Felt application you can create a personalized one with your own images and handwritten. Once you have completed your card, write the mailing address on the application and your card will be sent by first class mail.


Make love with iKamasutra

If you prefer to keep Valentine's Day celebrations at home and private, you may want to surprise your partner by incorporating the “Kama sutra” into your evening. With hundreds of sexual positions in different categories all very well drawn and explained, iKamasutra can teach you many new tricks. The application also allows you to track your progress through the positions and make a list of both favorites. Each position is classified by intimacy, complexity and strength, which helps you find the one you will enjoy the most.