Google Allo

Some Huawei smartphones recommend removing the Allo messenger application from Google

Google Allo

More than a year ago, Google announced that Allo had the days counted. This was the nth attempt by Google to create an alternative to WhatsApp that in turn was the iOS iMessage, but multiplatform. Result: it went wrong, so Allo went to the cemetery where Google buries all the projects that don't succeed.

As we can read in Android Authority, some Huawei smartphone users are receiving alerts about the danger of the Google Allo application, stating that this could be infected and urging us to eliminate it of our device as soon as possible.

The application has not been available in the Play Store for less than a year. This warning message is received by users who downloaded the application in their day and for whatever reason they still have it installed despite the fact thatFrom March of last year, it has stopped working completely.

Google announced in March 2019 the final closure of Google Allo. Since that date, the servers stopped working, so it is not possible to use this application to send messages. Have an application that does not work on our device It is an unnecessary nuisance besides not making any sense.

But the strangest of all is that the security system that integrates Huawei smarphones suggests that the application may be infected. Anyway, since the application does not work, follow the advice of Huawei and delete the application is never too much, since it will allow us to recover a valuable space occupied in our smartphone.

Google is focusing your messaging efforts on smartphone to RCS, a protocol that will allow you to send messages, photographs or videos for free to any smartphone for free, as long as the operators are ready, who really are the ones with the last word.