Snapchat has a new mental health tool

  • Snapchat hopes that this mental health initiative will help it distinguish itself from rivals like Instagram

  • This intervention comes after a study analyzed the impact that this platform has on the well-being of young people

  • Within this investigation, it was found that seven out of 10 users of the application developed serious problems

Several brands have shown interest in mental health. YouTube and Accenture have already begun to accept, in official documents, the serious consequences that the work of content moderators leaves. Companies like Adidas have used these challenges to give a deeper layer to their commercial efforts. Other businesses, such as GucciThey had to apologize for the callousness of some activations that seemed to trivialize this problem.

It is not for less. Mental Health First Aid notes that only in the United States (USA) half of adults will experience a mental health challenge once in their life. In information of NAMI, people with depression have a 40 percent higher risk of developing metabolic or cardiovascular diseases than the average. And in data from the World Health Organization (WHO), two thirds of those affected never seek medical help.

All mental health challenges have begun to become more serious with the emergence of social networks. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram have become nests of phenomena like the cyberbullying. Several regulators and the public in general have shown their concern before these challenges, and have demanded that these platforms act as soon as possible. Thus, it is increasingly common for these companies to have welfare initiatives.

A new mental health tool on Snapchat

The last industry brand to join this trend is the subsidiary of Snap INC. According to The Drum, the platform has just launched a new search tool within its application. This project is focused on addressing mental health problems that arise from the use of the service. Basically, he wants to create a simple access channel for people with useful information on topics such as depression, anxiety and even suicide.

Related Notes

The product, Here For You, is the first service launched by Snapchat focused on addressing mental health challenges within the platform. This tool is activated by simply searching for keywords such as anxiety or suicide. So, the app show users self-help resources related to the issue in question. Among the resources that will be available, expert advice, anti-anxiety videos and other content are included.

A great social responsibility initiative

The problem of mental health in networks is not something new. It has been proven time and again that these channels contribute to increase political polarization. Together with Snapchat, other major industry representatives have tried to reduce the bullying in their places. Twitter limit responses to posts while Instagram He wants to hide the likes counts. In addition, in Mexico, there is a profound addiction to these digital platforms.

You have to recognize Snapchat's intention behind this initiative. When people are anxious, depressed or on the verge of suicide, what they need most is expert help. In this sense, displaying professional content on these issues should help people find the support they need. Even in its darkest moments. Even more important, it is not necessary to ask directly for this mental health information.

However, he arrives a little late on stage. Of course, it is much better not to be on time than to have this type of mental health initiatives. But it should be mentioned that these initiatives are only being presented in response to the demands of both the authorities and a public tired of incidents. Perhaps, in the future, companies in this industry will have to adopt a much more proactive attitude towards the issue.