"Search my mobile" notification in Samsung, what does it mean?

If you have a device Samsung galaxy you may have received a Mysterious notification from Find My Mobile showing 1 1 in vertical format. Let's see what does it mean and why it has occurred.

The notification comes from the Find my mobile app and we may have thought that our privacy was in danger, but it has not been so. The notification has been only A test between Samsung servers and our device. Samsung has assured that the privacy of the users has been kept safe despite the fact that it is a notification from Find my mobile.

Image - Notification

This is a notification sent to many Samsung terminals worldwide, although the company itself explains that no incident has occurred neither in our privacy nor in our terminal.

The notification has begun to appear after 9 am Spanish time and that it has taken more or less to jump depending on the model we have, so we understand that these checks have been made in many models.

The mysterious notification has sent a large number of users worldwide since there are several Samsung Twitter accounts spread across the globe that have had to offer an explanation.

Image - Notification

We can rest easy now that Samsung has clarified everything that happened knowing that our privacy and our mobile have been kept safe at all times being the reason for the mysterious notification that shows two numbers 1 in vertical format.

These unusual facts can make us reflect on the amount of services we use and the constant information we have at our fingertips.

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Did you skip the notification on your Samsung mobile? Do you know the meaning of the mysterious notification?