Save San Valentn (and your pocket) with these accessible gadgets

Save San Valentn (and your pocket) with these accessible gadgets

In case you haven't noticed, San Valentn has arrived! Which means that if you have a love, you will surely want to make him happy with a "little detail". But if you are worried that your budget is not so big this year (like the previous year) quiet, then we show you a list of accessible gadgets that you can buy today to make that loved one happy, without affecting your pocket.

Music for your ears

Detail of Amazon Echo Buds headphones

There are people who like music and others who cannot live without it. If your partner is one of the second, what better way to give him some headphones that free him from the cables and that have noise reduction.

The Amazon Echo Buds, in addition, have comfortable design, give the possibility to interact with the Alexa digital assistant without touching them, offer a performance of approximately 300 minutes (120 minutes with a 15-minute charge in the case) and are resistant to sweat They will love it.

Fun on the road

Nintendo Switch Console Cover

For that special person who already has his Nintendo Switch, a case so he can carry the console and his favorite titles from one place to another is an excellent idea. This Orzly comes in different colors, so you will surely find the ideal one.

Among its main features, stand out its resistant structure and soft interior to avoid scratches; sufficient space for cables and up to eight cartridges; and belt to transport it without any inconvenience.

Google team

A good start to have a smart home is the new Nest Mini, especially if your partner is a user of cell phones and services that have the Google seal. Stresses that the smart speaker can now be hung practically in any room.

According to the company, the Nest Mini integrates stronger bass with respect to its predecessor, improved voice recognition and more vivid colors to suit all tastes.

Amazon team

Main interface of the Echo Show 5

If you are more of the Amazon team and also want to start building your smart home, the Echo Show 5 is one of the best options in your product category.

With the help of the Alexa digital assistant, the smart screen (5.5 inches) is a window to entertainment and a quick way to be in communication through video calls. It allows you to control other compatible smart devices, in addition to which you can deactivate the microphone and cover the camera, for those who care about your privacy.

Melmanos declared

Detail of a Belkin headphone splitter

Music is a fairly powerful connection for some couples, and for those who want to have a more intimate experience, their choice is the Belkin headphone splitter, available in six tones.

It is possible to connect up to five headphones, in case some friends join; It has a practical and resistant design, so it becomes an excellent travel companion; and maintains sound quality and volume even though all ports are being occupied, according to Belkin.

Fit for love

Galaxy Fit 2019 on white background

For lovers who want to integrate physical activity into their relationship, the Galaxy Fit (2019) will fascinate them. It is distinguished by its color AMOLED screen and its long battery life.

Other features include: lightweight design, automatic detection of physical activity, improved function to analyze sleep and water resistance for those who love water sports. Without a doubt, with the Galaxy Fit they will make a good team.

New Kindle

Main interface of the new Kindle

Couple loving books? The new Kindle is the ideal gift for more than one reason: in addition to its adjustable front light to read comfortably in different lighting conditions, it allows access to thousands of titles.

It is compact and lightweight; his battery offers an autonomy of up to four weeks to avoid being half-read; and is compatible with the Audible platform, in order to listen to works while on the move. It is available in black and white.