Save 413 by changing your iPhone Xs Max for a Galaxy S20

You have an iPhone and you plan to sell it because you are going to buy some of Samsung's new Galaxy S20? Well Samsung Renew, which allows you to deliver your old mobile, is offering up to 413 for changing your iPhone Xs Max for a new Galaxy S20.

The appearance of the Galaxy S20 is very recent, but on the official website of these devices You can already make the pre-purchase of any of them, be it the Galaxy S20, the Galaxy S20 + or the Galaxy S20 Ultra in any of its storage modes.

For a long time, as Apple has already done with its own renewal program, Samsung has its name called Samsung Renove. This assumes that the user can save an amount of money by delivering your old smartphone.

More money for the iPhone than for a Samsung

It is less curious that Samsung offers more money for an iPhone than for a Samsung, that is, You can save more money by delivering an Apple phone than for any other terminal, although we must clarify a very important detail in this regard.

The 413 are offered by the iPhone Xs Max, that is, for the company's most powerful and recent iPhone. If you have a previous generation, obviously the price is reduced more and more the older the smartphone you want to deliver to buy the Galaxy S20.

Image - Save € 413 by changing your iPhone Xs Max for a Galaxy S20

We leave you a list of some of the phones you can deliver and the amount of money you can save to buy a Galaxy S20:

  1. iPhone Xs Max: until 413.
  2. iPhone Xs: up to 342.
  3. iPhone 8 Plus: up to 218.
  4. Galaxy Note 10+ 5G: up to 400
  5. Galaxy Note 10 5G: up to 350
  6. Galaxy Note 10: up to 272.

If you are going to deliver an LG phone, the maximum that gives you Samsung Renew is 48, for Sony phones you have a maximum of 63 and for Huawei terminals you can get up to 115. But something must be taken into account, they are maximum amounts that can vary.

That means not for delivering the iPhone Xs Max will give you exactly 413 , depend a lot on the state of the device, so the more damaged the less money they will give you, so it is a very important aspect to consider if you plan to take advantage of this plan.

To take advantage of the Samsung Renove program you have to pre-purchase a model of the Galaxy S20, before processing the purchase you have the possibility of adding Samsung Care and adding one of the terminals on the list to save you a couple of euros.

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