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Samsung's SmartThings application has more than 50 million active users

Samsung Smarthings

Home automation has arrived to stay and make a dent in our homes. Many are the connected devices that allow us to manage their operation through voice commands or through a mobile application. Both Google and Alexa dominate the market practically but they are not the only ones.

Samsung, like Apple, puts at our disposal a specific application for remotely manage connected devices. In the case of Samsung, according to the head of Samsung, Kim Hyun-suk, the SmartThings application has 52 million active users.

The application that Samsung makes available to users of its products, SmartThings has been downloaded 112 million times. The Korean company is one of the few that offers a wide range of connected products, not only light bulbs and plugs, but also connected appliances whose operation we can manage remotely through the application.

But it is not only compatible with its smart devices, but it is also compatible with third-party smart devices, a compatibility that has allowed it to grow so much in the last year. Currently, and not in all countries, Samsung puts at our disposal light bulbs, plugs, cameras and routers that we can manage remotely, in addition to washing machines, refrigerators and of course your televisions.