Samsung's new Multiroom 360 arrives in Spain

Samsung's new Multiroom 360 arrives in Spain

Offering its users an omnidirectional sound that fills the room, a more intuitive interface, music shared throughout the home and high-resolution streaming on all devices, Samsung Electronics announces the arrival of Spain R1, speaker that comes to join the range Multiroom 360

The new R1 model joins the R7 and R6 loudspeakers of the Samsung Multiroom 360 line that also has the Ring Radiator technology used by South Korea when assembling these speakers, which have received excellent market critics for their sound Omnidirectional that fills the entire room and offers quality, balanced sound and Premium design allowing them to fit perfectly in any home.

Samsung Multiroom 360-

We are excited about this new model because we continue to bring to the market a high quality sound and a simple and elegant design, as in the previous models of the range, but we have also added a new, more intuitive touch user interface and improvements in the Samsung Multiroom application, which helps us to considerably increase our position in the domestic audio market, be it Nacho Monge, AV Marketing Manager at Samsung Spain.

This new member of the Multiroom range is characterized by a new touch user interface, in which you can slide and drag the elements, as well as an improved Samsung Multiroom app for use with users' smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. The touch control of the new R1 model also offers a novelty with respect to its predecessors, as they can increase or decrease the volume, play, pause or change songs with a soft touch or sliding your fingers on the top of the speaker.Samsung Multiroom 360.

This Samsung Multiroom application that connects with the R1 model is available for both Android and iOS, making it easier to share music through devices connected to Wi-Fi throughout the home. The app also allows users to easily find and choose their favorite music, as well as create playlists from a single screen.

The application, very easy to install and use, allows you to create a wireless surround sound system with multiple speakers, from a stereo system to a 4.1 surround system along with Samsung Multiroom sound bars.

Samsung Multiroom 360

Another great advantage offered by this new Multiroom 360 is that it has a high-fidelity online music service, the Qobuz, since South Korea has attended this company so that its streaming services are available on Samsung audio devices. This gives users access to their favorite audio content with high quality.

Without a doubt, Samsung Electrinic seeks to outdo itself and continues to offer its consumers cutting-edge technology and quality of service; With the arrival of this new modego of the Multirrom 360 range, it takes its users to enjoy the best possible sound experience and you can get it whenever you want, because this new R1 model is available in Spain at a price of 199 euros.

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