Galaxy S20 Plus vs. S20 Ultra: what is the difference?

Samsung serves us heaven and hell on the same plate

Galaxy UnpackedTense silence in the auditorium prior to an Unpacked forced not to be the same, not only because Samsung had previously warmed the atmosphere in the middle of the Oscars, but because half the world holds its breath with the uncertainty of the Mobile Word Congress. And this manufacturer is a fundamental piece in that puzzle. Koreans do not wait and hit hard with their star dish, without prior or losing much in frugal content. Better ace. The Galaxy Z Flip enters us all through the eyes: it is impossible not to marvel at this foldable phone that renews in a small format what the telephone industry is capable at the moment.

The Z Flip is making us fall in love as its demonstration progresses in Unpacked and it is that Samsung seems to have pressed the right key: a groundbreaking phone, with the controversial folding screen inherited from the no less controversial Fold, a totally different design, far from the rough and own prototype forms of his older brother and a background message (claim, as will be said in the advertising jargon): this is a phone for innovators to set the trend. And we can't disagree, that's a wonder.

The public is silent … with the price

Everything was going well with the presentation: the Flip is beautiful in all corners, open and closed, has an external micro screen for notifications and more functions that seems to solve the ballot, very Razr style, and the device offers A generous screen once opened. It is so wide that even Samsung has chosen to integrate the perforated lens to steal as little space as possible. Est all thought: the hinge system has a call Flex Mode which allows you to open the screen in different angles, as if it were a laptop. For what?

They show us: a straight angle allows you to use the base of the Z Flip as a tripod, something ideal for low-light shots and the latest trend in mobile photography: astrophotography. You can open a little more, like a laptop, and use the lower half of the screen to write, a kind of split screen that seems to be very useful. The tone of the keynote reaches trickle levels as the illusion of the audience increases and Samsung shows the advertising of the device in a spot again very aimed at an informal public, the Z Flip seems almost like an indispensable complement in their bags and in the pockets of teenagers. Even a server, almost with the credit card in hand, made the quick reflection: it may be too informal for me.

And this is where everything goes wrong and the decline begins: he reminds us that the phone will be available on Valentine's Day, very much in accordance with that, at the price of (drum roll) $ 1,380 dollars! There is silence in the room and the cause can be felt. And no, it is not just the amount of the amount, which limits the team to few and wealthy pockets: it is the inconsistency of the message. Samsung has invested the bulk of the time of the presentation dedicated to the Z Flip in raising the virtues of a youth, adolescent phone, which set a trend, but they have mistakenly flat with the economic approach: that segment fashion Y trend setter, youth by force, hardly buy the device en masse.

Galaxy S20, Galaxy Buds and Google Duo?

The giant, far from breaking the ice, has succeeded in provoking it in a dedicated public who, at that point, has been caught in incoherence. The next protagonist has been the expected (and filtered) Galaxy S20, a beautiful phone in which Samsung does not seem to have succeeded with the communication: in Unpacked it has stood out, as the main and only dish, that the S20 has a fabulous camera, And we are sure it is. It allows you to record videos in 8K, has a hybrid zoom (digital peak) of up to 100x, all in a big way, and stores up to 1.5 TB on an external card.

All very striking and spectacular, but it is only the camera and unless you move the photo to extreme levels, you need 5G, there does not seem to be enough arguments to update your Galaxy S10 to the current model. Recall that at that point we continue to gape at the hardware of the Z Flip and the S20 has known us more than the same that has simply increased its records offering more and more Enough to go through the box?

person holding the Samsung Galaxy S20 phone by hand

The pace has recovered slightly with the Galaxy Buds +, true wireless headphones that now incorporate two speakers and three microphones and a battery life of 11 hours. In this segment, if one closed his eyes and opened them, he did not know if he was in an Apple keynote or in Unpacked 2020, and that is that everything was very familiar in the demonstration. Samsung also wanted to remember that the other main dish is the alliances and has listed the different services that will include natively, the new devices: exclusive moments with Netflix, Spotify, YouTube in 8K and … Google Duo? Yes, Google Duo, silence and surprise in the room.

Samsung closes the Unpacked like the cover of a Fold, or if we want to update it to the current times, like that of a Z Flip. It leaves us speechless, but possibly not in the expected direction, but for having offered us heaven and hell on the same plate. Win the heavenly? On February 14 we will leave doubts.

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