Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: features, price and launch

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: features, price and launch

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip launch features price

Until a year ago, or even a little more, it was almost impossible to think that companies like Motorola or Samsung had thought to bring to life the beloved folding mobiles called Flip, also known as mobile phones with cover. But everything is changing, and it is as Samsung shows us with the launch of the Z Flip.

Samsung's new folding terminal comes with a single objective, what? Challenge mainly the Motorola Razr, although it also does so to prepare the ground for the rumored Galaxy Fold 2, which will be launched in the second half of this year.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Galaxy Z Flip features

Thanks to the official presentation that Samsung made about the Galaxy Z Flip, we can already knowThe official specifications of your new folding mobile:


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Dimensions and weight Open: 167.9 x 73.6 x 7.2 mm.

Closed: 87.4 x 73.6 x 15.2 mm.

Weight: 183 grams.

screen 6.7 ″ HDR10 + (2636 x 1080) 22: 9, Dynamic OLED panel + 1.06 ″ (300 x 116), Super AMOLED panel and screen always on AOD covered with Gorilla Glass 6.
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus.
Storage 256 GB UFS 3.0 without slot for MicroSD.
Rear camera Dual of12 MP with f / 1.8 + wide angle of 12 MP with f / 2.2.
Front camera 10 MP
Connectivity and extras USB C, WiFi 6, GPS, 4G, Bluetooth 5, NFC, fingerprint reader, face unlock and stereo speakers AKG.
Battery 3300 mAh with fast load of 15W and wireless load of 9W.
OS One UI 2 with Android 10

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is looking for a place in the market

Looking closely at each of its characteristics, we can see that Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip seems to have what it takes to offer a good experience. In addition, it includes a slightly friendlier design than what is offered with the Galaxy Fold.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Similarly, it is more than clear that this time Samsung did not want to include top-of-the-range specifications, because it has taken another path, that is, to offer a better balance in terms of features so that the price of the terminal is not so high and can reach more pockets (a little more affordable than the first folding mobile that Samsung launched to the market ).

Samsung adds a front screen to the Galaxy Z Flip that brings many surprises

The South Korean company wanted to do something different on the front of the Galaxy Z FlipWell, you haven't added a screen fully functional. Instead, I include a small screen on which you can answer calls, observe notifications, look at the time or date but not much else.

Samsung Galaxy Flip folding system

What is surprising is the ability of that small screen, well, incredibly, used to take selfies, how? Yes, the screen connects to the rear camera of the device (it is located next to the two cameras) and allows the user to look at the screen to see if it is in the frame or not.